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Maybe it's a regional thing. They don't sell either of the above brands golf clubs in my area.
I always enjoyed the Green course there. Bunkers were always the issue when I played it as well. Can't understand for the life of me why that town doesn't put $ in to fix them. Too many retirees to pay to drive the Ranger carts around I guess.
TOC Green, #s 4 & 5. What kind of shape is that place in this year?
I agree with most of what you said. Probably the reason higher end golf club manufacturers like PING, Titleist, and Mizuno didn't sell their equipment there.
Not sure how long TM and Callaway can continue this nuclear arms race when clearly the demand doesn't exist.
The only par 4 I've ever seen him hit less than driver was the 74th hole at the 2013 Masters (not exactly, but he rarely uses less than driver on par 4s). If there's an opening he sees, it's a green light - regardless of the significance of the shot. The 72d hole at the 2013 masters - his approach shot - was pure risk-reward. If he hits that 6' shorter, it rolls off the front of the green.
Angel Cabrera.
Garcia is gonna be on tilt after that one.
And here we go.
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