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Faldo is a class A ball buster. I remember during the 2012 Masters, he was proposing Bubba's championship dinner for 2013 would be a Happy Meal, and coloring books with crayons IIRC.
I guess my definition would be someone who has more command over their shots vs their peers. Tough to argue the command Garcia has off the tee. Similarly, Stenson with his irons, and 3W. Also, I'm pretty sure there's not another golfer on the planet who can shape their shots at will, and with the accuracy Bubba does. Just my $1.05.
Garcia, Stenson, Watson.
A few months ago I would've said Jonas Blixt hands down - he finished 4th at Oak Hill, then T2 at Augusta. Still don't get how he missed the cut at the US Open and the British. Right now, I gotta go with Sergio.
Yeah, that's the nicest for sure - just a little too pricey for me. They used to have the Monday qualifier at Kaluhyat - it's by far the hardest course I've ever played.
If you don't mind spending a few bucks, check out Shenendoah, or Kaluhyat at Turning Stone Casino - two of the nicest public courses you'll play anywhere. It's about 30 minutes east of Syracuse.
Anyone who has a trained eye knows Bubba Watson's wedge game is far more impressive than his driving ability - but it's his ability to hit it long that sets it up. Long and straight is an absolute necessity in today's game. You can win majors with an average putter - you can't win majors playing from fescue. Ask Luke Donald if he'd rather be long and straight with an average short game, or short and crooked with an above average short game.
Maybe it's a regional thing. They don't sell either of the above brands golf clubs in my area.
I always enjoyed the Green course there. Bunkers were always the issue when I played it as well. Can't understand for the life of me why that town doesn't put $ in to fix them. Too many retirees to pay to drive the Ranger carts around I guess.
TOC Green, #s 4 & 5. What kind of shape is that place in this year?
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