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I guess no one has let him in on the joke. Hey Colin, those two majors you won this year, yeah, they don't really count.
Happens to everyone. Always more pronounced with my wedges. Stand closer to the ball, and make sure your weight isn't too far forward on your toes. Works for me at least.
I think after a defeat like that, Phil owed the fans that level of honesty. Right or wrong, it was necessary to get his point across while people were still paying attention.
From an article published a few hours ago on Yahoo:Azinger guided the American team to a 16.5-11.5 win over captain Nick Faldo and the Europeans six years ago at Valhalla in Kentucky. He employed what he called a Pod system, creating three groups of four players based on personality types that bonded, practiced and played together throughout the matches.
Biiiiig putt.
00:00 & $
Ask Kwame Brown. MJ was Richie Incognito before Richie Incognito.
I remember Jordan played Bethpage in 2009 with Ben Roethlisberger and Justin Timberlake in a pre US Open special to see if they could break 100. IIRC, Jordan was the worst of the 3, with Roethlisberger winning with an 86.
Hahaha sure would've. I'm glad I put my $ on Minnesota - my friend talked me off that game, and I'm glad he did.
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