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Organic raw honey if I need to sweeten anything.
I was a big fan of the new TF Gamer last year. Bought a dozen to start this season and 10 of 12 cracked during the course of my round. Never again.
Damn, Rory.
I do HIIT on the elliptical once in a while. I start with a five minute warm up. Then I'll jump right into max elevation and resistance for one minute - going as hard as I can - then drop it down to a very low setting for two minutes, then again max for one minute. I'll repeat for 20 minutes. It's a hell of a workout, as long as you go 100% for the one minute intervals.
Nicest pro I've met is Ken Duke. He just radiates a genuine sense of appreciation for what he has and what he's been through. He took a good 30 seconds at the 2013 PGA Championship Wednesday practice round to talk to my wife and I as he signed our flag. I'll cheer for that guy 10 times out of 10.
Business as usual for Jordan Spieth.
AN closes Memorial Day and reopens in mid-October.
I say let them play as long as they want. Not sure if it's already been said, but I think a good idea would be to pair the old timers with each other, and send them out early.
No. Billy Payne addressed the size of the field in his interview this week. An increased field wouldn't do well with the amount of daylight available in early April. Throw in a couple of weather delays, and you'd be looking at Monday finish.
Swinging out of your shoes with an iron from the fairway? Makes sense.
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