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Ask Kwame Brown. MJ was Richie Incognito before Richie Incognito.
I remember Jordan played Bethpage in 2009 with Ben Roethlisberger and Justin Timberlake in a pre US Open special to see if they could break 100. IIRC, Jordan was the worst of the 3, with Roethlisberger winning with an 86.
Hahaha sure would've. I'm glad I put my $ on Minnesota - my friend talked me off that game, and I'm glad he did.
Hahaha SF very well could win. I just like the points in that game. 31-28 SF type of outcome perhaps.
I didnt even know Troy P. was still playing until I googled most overrated players of all time: http://cover32.com/2014/07/24/ten-most-overrated-players-in-the-nfl/5/ Hahaha, just trying to ruffle some feathers of the Pittsburgh faithful. I remember getting burned a few years back for suggesting he was the most overrated player in the league. Lock of the week IMO has to be Dallas +3.5 at home. SF has too many issues defensively - suspended, injured, or otherwise....
The i25 irons have more offset - easier to get airborne with the longer irons I'd imagine.
Perhaps it was the aborigine in the outback? I can never get my stories straight.
Golf league.
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