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Right. $3-4 is an absolute steal for a beer.
Saw this on TM's fbook page and got a kick out of it. Charging $3-4/beer just goes to show the amount of revenue AN generates from corporate sponsors and it's members. I guess that's one benefit from spending $4k on a weekly badge - at least the beer is cheap, and they don't price gouge their patrons.
Last PM: 20 minute eliptical warm-up Pre-exhausted my chest with four sets of push-ups w/ push-up handles Dumbbell press, flat - 4 sets Dumbbell flyes - 4 sets Decline sit-ups - 4 sets Dumbell incline press - 4 sets
I trained legs yesterday. Walking weighted lunges, leg press, hack squats, calf raises, and leg extensions. 45 second max rest between sets. My legs are absolutely smoked right now. The good news is I'm down 34 lbs since 01/05.
We can't forget that awful break on the sixth hole, final round, 2012 Open Championship.Throw in a par at the 71st in the 2009 PGA while we're at it.Three shots, potentially, that couldn't really made things interesting had they gone the other way for him.
No. Makes me wonder if his pain symptoms are more somatoform in nature at this point.
If Goodell had any heart, he'd suspend Belichick for the Super Bowl. This was clearly cheating - 100% premeditated. The forecast was in, and it was going to be wet. Makes sense to deflate the ball so it's easier to catch, gives the RBs a tighter squeeze, and is easier to throw. Interestingly enough, Jay Glazer said it was the Ravens who tipped the colts off about this.
I guess no one has let him in on the joke. Hey Colin, those two majors you won this year, yeah, they don't really count.
Happens to everyone. Always more pronounced with my wedges. Stand closer to the ball, and make sure your weight isn't too far forward on your toes. Works for me at least.
I think after a defeat like that, Phil owed the fans that level of honesty. Right or wrong, it was necessary to get his point across while people were still paying attention.
New Posts  All Forums: