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The i25 irons have more offset - easier to get airborne with the longer irons I'd imagine.
Perhaps it was the aborigine in the outback? I can never get my stories straight.
Golf league.
I've played in softball leagues with umpires. I've played in flag football leagues with referees. I've played in rec basketball leagues with officials, and I've also played in indoor soccer leagues with referees. So, I'm not sure what you mean by "circumstances make it impossible to do so"? Obviously, if I play a game of horse with my nephew, I'm not gonna hire someone to make sure my foot was behind the line, or I called net before I drained the fadeaway. However, if I'm...
I think you missed my point a bit. In order to play golf and any course, you need toplay a minimum of 9 holes - when's the last time you went to a 6 hole course and paid $8? When is the last time you went to a grass range, with an adjacent 3 hole loop that was complimentary after hitting your $10 bucket of balls? Golf needs to exit the Stone Age, and start thinking outside of the box. Yeah, playing it forward for 9 holes is cool I guess, but young men and women with kids...
I think Nike as a brand had more to do with the golf boom vs that of Tiger. IMO, minorities and younger people related more with the "swoosh", and the players in other sports who it represented (Air Jordan et al), and decided to give the game a try. If Tiger signed with Reebok, I don't think nearly as many brand conscious teens/minorities/18-35 year olds would have given golf much of a thought. Now did Woods still play a huge part? Without question.
Good segment. Traditionalists need to loosen the grip. When I play a pick up game of basketball, I'm not playing 12 minute quarters with referees. When I play a friendly, I don't play 45 minute halves with extra time. When I play football, I don't play 60 minutes with instant replay, and SUDDEN DEATH (*George Carlin voice*). If I want to have a catch with my brother, I dont call 16 of my friends and play nine innings. My point is, golf needs an immediate "elastic clause "...
Maybe take a step back for a week or so? Even the best golfers in the world can't maintain a consistent high level of play week in, week out - breaks in play are mandatory in order to be successful. Top professionals struggle with their game, identify and improve deficiencies, peak, and win. The cycle then starts over. Look at Phil, Rory, Sergio, and Stenson to name a few. All of whom are currently at some point on the curve of marginal utility. I've carded my best rounds...
Vegas is currently T14 at Wyndham, and has played in 19 events (if I counted correctly) since January 1.
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