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I am told they will all be relative.
I never thought of that, but that's a great idea. Can't wait to see them. It's going to be between those, the T/M Tour TP's, Bridgestone j36 PC's and the above combo. Thanks and good luck.... Phil
In Obama's case, just stay out of the line of fire.....
Undoubtedly "Scarface"
I was thinking the same thing and agree with you, completely. But, I still think it was a very smart move....
They look fabulous. You’ve seen these 1st hand. Do you think a combo set (5-7 52’s & 8-PW 62’s) would blend well or does it look like the offset is too much, or do one of these new sets already represent a combo set?
How'd you get them so soon? Where can I get them?
Facilities Director for a 250ml financial firm.
That was perfect. It's one of those questions you've always wanted clearance on and were too affraid to ask as a hacke.
So if it's worked for me and it hasn't for you, then my theory is flawed? OK.....
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