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Was Casey trying some humour when he told the marshall he had a knife in the bag to help with the ropes just before he took the drop on the second playoff hole?   It was straight after he bladed the bunker shot.
Poana's Law, surely!
He's barely mentioned it.......
Monty has been moaning about them on Sky's coverage 4 & 15 are the worst apparently.
And it is players A & B choice which order they tee off, A can go first or B can go first, doesn't matter which person on the team won the previous hole. Likewise C & D can play in whatever order they like.
Puma is a German company, founded by Rudolf Dassler. His brother Adolf founded Adidas, I guess Puma is a better name than Rudidas! They were actually one company until the brothers fell out and still operate out of the same city.
Obviously worked for him as he made it in to the US Open in the play-off! http://www.europeantour.com/europeantour/season=2015/tournamentid=2015041/leaderboard/index.html
I thought if you were taking relief you could always clean your ball.    It's only if your opponent/fellow competitor asks you to mark your ball when it is not on the green that you can't clean it.
Yeah, like that year Maran Cilic pulled out of Wimbledon with an injury that turned out to be a drug ban! Or Armstrong's failed positives that got buried or covered by back dated exemptions. 
I don't believe in stereotypes, all countries have their share of idiots and of stand up guys. As far as Reed is concerned I don't think the British press went to town on his top 5 comments as much as they did in the US. Then he did himself a world of good at the Ryder Cup where he came over as showing passion for his country without overstepping the mark. He then played the World Matchplay at the London Club and did a lot of pre-tournament media stuff where he was...
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