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McGinley is working for Sky on the WGC this week. He was asked about Langer at the start of the coverage and basically ruled him out.   MEfree pretty much had the reason, McGinley pointed at only 2 events (Masters x 2) against other contenders during the qualifying period. He doesn't feel he can get a proper feel for where Langer's game is just by looking at Seniors events.
Not to mention the huge spike mark on his line which meant he had to try and dribble it in the edge.
But CSS is only applicable for calculating handicap. It makes no difference on the shots receivable in the game. At a UK course if you both play off 8 and you turn up at the same course you're both getting 8 shots, it doesn't matter how hard/easy your home course is. In the US there will be an adjustment to modify the shots received based on the difficulty of the home course
The other point to remember is the difficulty of the course. US handicaps are adjusted by the ratings of the course to be played.   So, I think, if your US friends play relatively easy courses at home and your track in the UK is hard, then in the UK you play a tough course your handicap will be more realistic on the harder course. In the US the handicap system would adjust for this, over here not so much.   For example 2 players both off 8, one a member at Birkdale,...
I know he gets a lot of hype but Spieth winning the Masters at his first attempt as a 20 year old would have been a fairly big Cinderella story. A reminder there have been 3 people to win the Masters at their first go, two of those were in the first 2 years.
There isn't going to be a new Tiger, what golf can hope for is a proper rivalry.Unfortunately for this to happen best someone needs to where a "black hat", all the young guys seem so damn nice that I can't see it happening..... Doh then I remember Mr Reed, Reed v Rory, Jordan & Rickie, Evil v Good, light v Dark, jobs a good'un, the ratings will be saved!
Donald's in at the moment, McDowell isn't. McGinley has virtually said that Poulter and GMac will get picks. I'd imagine that it would be very hard not to pick the Scotsman Gallacher at home if he was 10th in the rankings, as he is now. I think Westwood will probably have to play his way in, or to get very close to the 10th spot if he is to play.
Its not something I've ever heard before, I relied on Wiki too. However, I live in London. I can well believe that it is hugely derogatory in NI and certain parts of Scotland, but not something that you'd hear throughout the UK.
Is it possible Tiger and the Golden Child will be out first tomorrow?
Birkdale in 2017 and Carnoustie in 2018.   http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/golf/28113589
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