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The chipping problems he has have nothing to do with rust.   If it was purely lack of practice he would be hitting chips that end up further away than usual from the hole but would be recognizable as chip shots, what he is hitting at the moment are the result of mental problems and shouldn't be seen at a pro event.   Additionally, his short game stunk it up in December at the Hero and now a month and a half later it is no better. This is Tiger Woods, of course he has...
Good, their coverage hasn't kept up with the latest technology. Sky spend so much more on developing their product, the BBC's coverage has become embarrassing.
Playing the Desert Swing gives the guys who are trying to make minimum number of events on both tours a chance to get a couple of events under their belt.   Play 2 of the three then the 4 co-sanctioned events (4 x WGC & 4 x Majors) they're most of the way to the 14 events they need for the European Tour.
We're talking about someone being MIA and no one has mentioned Allenby or Hawaii............     Shame on you all!
Someone had to be the Fall Guy.
Rory has pulled out of the Chinese events to concentrate on the upcoming trial.   He will just play the DP World Tour Championship. His lead is so huge that he should still win the Race to Dubai.   http://www.theguardian.com/sport/2014/oct/20/rory-mcilroy-horizon-court-case-tournament-break
On the population thing, the more salient point is the number of people playing the game surely than the general populations? The best numbers I could come up with in a very brief internet search are as follows: -    US - 28.6 million players Europe - 4.1 million players  - Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland & Wales   I don't think there are any huge golfing nations missed off...
In the UK a lot of amateur team matches (club v club, county v county) at all age groups will be 18 hole 4somes matchplay in the morning & 18 hole singles matchplay in the afternoon. Also a lot of the older clubs will have a 4somes knockout as the mains pairs competition, so British players will get a lot of exposure to 4somes.
Sutton & Faldo without doubt.   Lehman the most unlucky - Wetterich, Henry, Campbell & Taylor all qualified - that's a 1/3rd of the team that was basically a write off.   Monty was a nightmare (and continues to be) but he won so....
Not sure the weather will be a factor, the forecasts i've seen are high 50's/low 60's, no rain and wind in the mid teens. Of course its Scotland in late September, anything could happen!
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