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I thought if you were taking relief you could always clean your ball.    It's only if your opponent/fellow competitor asks you to mark your ball when it is not on the green that you can't clean it.
Yeah, like that year Maran Cilic pulled out of Wimbledon with an injury that turned out to be a drug ban! Or Armstrong's failed positives that got buried or covered by back dated exemptions. 
I don't believe in stereotypes, all countries have their share of idiots and of stand up guys. As far as Reed is concerned I don't think the British press went to town on his top 5 comments as much as they did in the US. Then he did himself a world of good at the Ryder Cup where he came over as showing passion for his country without overstepping the mark. He then played the World Matchplay at the London Club and did a lot of pre-tournament media stuff where he was...
I played a society day there a couple of years ago now. It is hard, some of the landing areas off the tees are very unforgiving. We played off the yellow blocks and it was pretty windy, one of the par 3s would have been a lay up if we had played it off the back.   It was a team event with best 2 of 4 counted which made the toughness not so bad.   The service from the club itself was excellent.   Have a great time!
Concentrate on getting his game in shape for Torrey Pines, not go and see Lindsey at the Skiing World Champs at Vail.
Possibly long term, but the improvement was almost immediate, he broke up with her one weekend and won the next week. I think he was mentally cleansed of worrying about a wedding he didn't want/wasn't ready for.
The chipping problems he has have nothing to do with rust.   If it was purely lack of practice he would be hitting chips that end up further away than usual from the hole but would be recognizable as chip shots, what he is hitting at the moment are the result of mental problems and shouldn't be seen at a pro event.   Additionally, his short game stunk it up in December at the Hero and now a month and a half later it is no better. This is Tiger Woods, of course he has...
Good, their coverage hasn't kept up with the latest technology. Sky spend so much more on developing their product, the BBC's coverage has become embarrassing.
Playing the Desert Swing gives the guys who are trying to make minimum number of events on both tours a chance to get a couple of events under their belt.   Play 2 of the three then the 4 co-sanctioned events (4 x WGC & 4 x Majors) they're most of the way to the 14 events they need for the European Tour.
We're talking about someone being MIA and no one has mentioned Allenby or Hawaii............     Shame on you all!
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