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Is it 12 over and above those he is exempt into due to his World Ranking and standing on the European Tour, or does it include those? He has exemptions for the 4 majors, the 3 WGC events that are co-sanctioned next year, his World Ranking will get him in the Players and the Bridgestone. Which leaves him just three invites to take for regular tour events.
Yep, I did think he had the grimace going on one of his shots.
Even if G-Mac declared for Northern Ireland he is still in a hole re Olympic qualification. As far as the Olympics are concerned Northern Ireland is part of the Great Britain and Northern Ireland team, along with England, Scotland and Wales. G-Mac would be the 9th ranked player for that team, with Rose and Willett as the current holders of the two positions. He would join Casey, Westwood, Donaldson, Poulter, Warren and Fleetwood on the sidelines. With only 4 US players...
Cink moving up the leaderboard, is he going to destroy the fairytale of the Grand Slam or an Amateur win, its why he exists.
You can bet Rickie hasn't had the choice. Tiger at Chambers Bay and Faldo here.
 Yeah, he loved the US so much that he sold up and moved to the Bahamas, presumably for even less taxes.
Peter Thomson says "G'day"
Was Casey trying some humour when he told the marshall he had a knife in the bag to help with the ropes just before he took the drop on the second playoff hole?   It was straight after he bladed the bunker shot.
Poana's Law, surely!
He's barely mentioned it.......
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