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And this all means that next year it will be 10 years since Tiger last won the Masters - I simply cannot believe that.
Well count me as part of the 0.01%, I'd rather see a close finish between relative unknowns rather than one of the Marquee names winning in a procession.
I thought you were looking for bigger choke artists than Scott -  "I've never seen a Sunday choking pattern so prominent" - Greg Norman fills that profile. But obviously you have other things you want to discuss.
Check out Scotty's hero's record on Sundays in Majors.
They'll rearrange the schedule that year to fit it in. The quality of the field will be poor though, as it stands now 65 of the top 100 in the World wouldn't be there, that's assuming that there is maximum representation from GB & I - 2 Englishmen & Welshmen for GB&NI, 2 Irishmen (Rory & G-mac) and 2 for Scotland (assuming independence) - this could be 3 instead of 6 - Rory & GMac pick UK & no Scottish independence.
3 stabbed 17 and bounced it in the fairway on 18 but drawing and ended up wet.
Yeah but Victor would have holed out from the original lie.
I've not been, but most of the club seem to have been.   Everyone comes back raving about it.   Mostly people pick up the all inclusive details with one of the local hotels which are suppose to be superb.   You need to watch out for your tee times if your go in the summer the middle of the days can be very very hot.
Poulter had a strong finish to last year, I don't think he is in a long term slump like Donald or Westwood. But lets face it he could miss all the cuts between now and September and he'd still get a captain's pick and he'd still be the most feared player on the European team.
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