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Rory has pulled out of the Chinese events to concentrate on the upcoming trial.   He will just play the DP World Tour Championship. His lead is so huge that he should still win the Race to Dubai.   http://www.theguardian.com/sport/2014/oct/20/rory-mcilroy-horizon-court-case-tournament-break
On the population thing, the more salient point is the number of people playing the game surely than the general populations? The best numbers I could come up with in a very brief internet search are as follows: -    US - 28.6 million players Europe - 4.1 million players  - Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland & Wales   I don't think there are any huge golfing nations missed off...
In the UK a lot of amateur team matches (club v club, county v county) at all age groups will be 18 hole 4somes matchplay in the morning & 18 hole singles matchplay in the afternoon. Also a lot of the older clubs will have a 4somes knockout as the mains pairs competition, so British players will get a lot of exposure to 4somes.
Sutton & Faldo without doubt.   Lehman the most unlucky - Wetterich, Henry, Campbell & Taylor all qualified - that's a 1/3rd of the team that was basically a write off.   Monty was a nightmare (and continues to be) but he won so....
Not sure the weather will be a factor, the forecasts i've seen are high 50's/low 60's, no rain and wind in the mid teens. Of course its Scotland in late September, anything could happen!
I think both captains turn lists in with the order of play 1 thru 12 and then they pair them up.   So basically no-one knows who they are pairing players up against.
All well and good, but The Centenary course is an inland course designed by noted American J. Nicklaus, the US team should feel right at home.
So in the US Donald & Poulter miss the cut whilst Westie makes it on the number, but needs to play well on the weekend to have a tournament to play next week.   Back in Europe, Donaldson leads the tournament & Gallacher is t3, with Super Joost 6 shots back.   I think Donaldson & McDowell make it automatically with the picks going to Poulter, Gallacher and probably Donald, unless Molinari wins or top 5s at home next week.   All the players in with a chance of a pick...
Royal St George's is one of the remaining clubs on the Open rota that don't allow Lady members. I would imagine it takes its visitor restrictions pretty seriously, so unless you can find a member to play with you maybe out of luck.   However, you can but try and as Beach said Princes is supposed to be fantastic. Royal Cinque Ports is nearby too and like Princes is an ex-Open venue, it looks like it takes Saturday visitors but you will need to play in 2-balls.
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