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I watched the hour long video. I found it to be overly dramatic and a bit on the sensational side. I did not care if he cheated on his wife and I did not care for the national enquirer type information. Yes he put forth a squeaky clean, family man image and probably was slightly opposite of that. However I have to imagine that many golfers or pro athletes are similar.   What I did find fascinating was his upbrining and how his father molded him (brain washed) into...
G*d hates coward!  You always go for it!
So Trump thinks it is a good idea for Palin to be in the cabinet.   The only cabinet position palin is qualified to occupy is a storage cabinet. But she would probably leave early!   Shows Trumps lack of judgement.   http://www.politico.com/story/2015/07/donald-trump-2016-sarah-palin-cabinet-post-120747.html#ixzz3hIAtFo00
That did not get typed the way I wanted it to.I know a few very good golfers, scratch or 1 over handicaps. They play from fairways and they can scramble. But they dont play from the spots on the course I play on. We are almost play 2 different courses.
I play with Mr Able, quite often, so I know the type. I find that you can only tell someone once about the infractions they have made. Once they have this knowledge it is up to them to abide by the rules. Some will correct their action, some will not.   But at very least you can protect the field from being robbed by someone who did not earn it.
I tried to watch this a few times, since after all it is golf like. However I am reminded of old golf buddy of mine. When I had first started to learn the game and would be the last guy on the green I would jog to catch up with the rest of the 4some. He would yell at me in his grizzled voice "aint no running in golf!"   Now when I try to watch this show all I can hear is "aint no running in golf!"
Years ago my wife picked up a couple of Champion imitation micro fiber polo shirts from Target. They were no frills,  solid color and loose and baggy. I had a white, red, blue and black. She got them for $19 a piece. They are like wearing nothing at all, and that is what I like. I am now down to 2 as they are falling apart, worn out, filled with cigar holes, etc..... But I wear them more often than anything else.
I would say that lucrative TV contracts have nothing to do with the local courses pulling a profit. We have private courses all over that are opening their doors to the public just so they can remain open.Golf is expensive and time consuming and if the sport does'nt get new participants more courses will fold.Just in Myrtle beach alone you can make more money as condos than as a course (or so I was told by an owner years ago who was ready to sell) I completely agree. I...
 I agree to a point, but I dont think they will benefit that much.I think we can agree and assume that player A hitting every fairway will be hitting it straight and then for will most definitely shooting for birdie or par on almost every hole.Where as player B misses every fairway, we can only assume that the 2nd shot will likely be just as erratic, leaving that player scrambling after every shot. Now player B is also not getting the same look at the green that player A...
driver: 265 3w: 235 5w: 215 4H: 200-210 (depends on the day and the swing) 5i: 190 6i: 180 7i: 165 8i: 155 9i: 145 pw: 135 GW: 125 56°: 105 Putter 5'
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