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If you think marriage is a joke than it becomes irrelevant that Bill was cheating on Hillary. or she put up with it. " Who would she be in 2015 as the divorced wife of a former president?  Yeah, a nobody." she does have a law degree, so she very well could be in the same spot she is right now.or can we not fathom that an educated women is capable to Achievement without riding the coat tails of her husband?
How about: Mindy's Bloody Mary!
But yet you would vote for the guy who dumped his first wife to marry his girlfriend.A women who has since admitted to not loving. A guy who has been married many, many times!that is sound logic!
In fairness this guy had a "fairway metal" it was a metal head, metal shafted 3 wood!He kept calling a 3 wood, and we had to correct him. We did tell him he needs to buy a club that was not a hold over from 1977! For the record I loathe the term "fairway metal", but using the term to bust this guys chops was well worth it!
pfffttt......280 is pedestrian!I drive it atleast 320 with my 1 iron all the time
I would have told him "thanks for the advice but I can only seem to slow it down to 4 mph".Then again if he is worse than you I would start giving him advice. Maybe horrifically bad advice, stuff that is grossly incorrect just to get in his head!But then again you are probably a better person than I am. We had a guy yesterday who pulled out a 3 wood. We started busting on him because it was a old 3 fairway metal. So we busted on him relentlessly. Asked if his second shot...
BINGO!!!!!! Not to mention that writing a score that is 2 over par, does not mean you really play that way (when others are keeping score)!
Stop drinking smoking pot on the golf course and the confusion clears right up. 
You need to grow a backbone and tell the Marketing Dept that you have work that needs to be accomplished.Spending the day golfing does not help you meet the deadlines and productivity management and the stock holders expect of you! (As I type this I am watching the clock, because I am leaving work early to go golfing!)
Joking!!!!!Life is way too short to be serious all the time!Just some quick response to your response:1- I have no problem with pot, but dont smoke. I have family members with problems as well so harder drugs are not approved. Now a Nitrous tank and a bottle of whiskey is the only way to golf!2-I used to get tested, and know that tests can differentiate between contact and usage. but most the golfer I know do it off to the side away from the Cops in our league!3- A cold...
New Posts  All Forums: