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However I will take a quick moment to put on my tinfoil hat and throw out my theory! Steroids, Tiger was insanely better than everyone else. He was almost inhuman on a Sunday. There were murmurs about some blood spinning Doctor in Canada, but no one paid attention. Because NO ONE Cared/ Then the baseball players started to get caught but no one paid attention to PGA. and then Tiger started to breakdown And eerily like A-Rod he is no longer able to hit a ball or stay...
No he did not. I will grant you that.But right now, the way he is playing he does not look like he can even make a cut.He has work to do.If he ever finds that old swing of his he could be competative and dangerous every blue moon!
50% he does 50% he doesnt!
Looks kind of like a fools bet now, doesnt it?
During the winter I walk 30 minutes on my lunch break.During the nicer weather, I do the same, but also take my dog on a 2.5 miles walk after work.My issue is that I sit at a desk all day and I am busy. By the time I get home I am just worn out. Especially after cooking dinner and helping my kids with their homework. Now when I get home I do my best not just to sit down, but to stay on my feet and moving!
I am trying to incorporate alot of these, however the daily grind just seems to beat me down.   I had started jump roping at the begining of the year, in the garage. However it snowed, alot, and I had to put my car in the garage. I am doing 45-60 second planks every morning And I am lifting weights as often as I can.   Always something to work on!
I find it soooo much easier to bail on work and just show up at a local 27 hole course. they usually just let me go off on 1 of the 3 Nines by myself. My my golf friends are 18 or nothing. Not to mention trying to coordinate with the guys can be complicated. They want to play close to home, not close to where I work. they want different times. And 9 or 18 with some of them can turn into an excursion.   Really, if you are playing golf you just need you a ball and the...
I already do....   Bwaahahahaha!
It is funny that I encountered this very scenario this year. Typically with my normal scramble 4some if we are putting for birdie and get one with in the grip of a putter, we consider that par if it is super close or tap it in, and continue on putting for birdie. I know it is "technically" not proper, but it moves us along and keeps us from marking a 6" putt and holding up groups behind us.  a gimme is a gimme!  Now mid summer I played in a charity scramble with 3 guys I...
My point was that any other team is probably filled with a bunch of guys, possibly drunk to varying degrees, who maybe out for the only outing of the year. They are going to do what they do and there is nothing you can do about that. They are out there to have fun and if they need to cheat to have fun and possibly win, what can you do about it? complain to the organizer? I have never seen anyone DQ from a scramble.I have seen some people pass out, or OD but no DQ I myself...
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