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MosMost the scrambles I play are either for charity or organized by a friend. Either way at the end of the day the charity or organizer/promoter makes their money on the scramble and they dont really care which drunk bends the rules. I have seen the worst fall down drunks collect their sleeve of balls for shooting a 18 under, when in fact they were the group infront of me and they were lucky to get off the tee. I dont usually equate Scrambles with integrity and...
When I first started playing and joined a golf league I had no confidence in my game. I was as likely to shank a ball just because I was worried about not hitting it well. Which of course led to me trying not to shank a ball, which lead to me tensing up and shanking the ball. It is a vicious circle, which goes around and around, which makes it a circle! It does not help that I used to suffer from bad anxiety, I used to get near crippling stage fright before performance...
Never during any round that meant something. Even if I was simply playing to see how well I score. However I would give it a try once, maybe during a "fart around" round to see if it really offered more as advertised. Maybe at a "beer drinking" Scramble, because my group never seems to win anyway (too many bloody marys, way too early)
 Well he has proven he cant take a shot to the chin, he just ends up flat on his forehead!
 I am not fan of heckling or teasing people who are sick.However he has made his bed on this one. he could have very easily admitted he messed up and caused his injury. He could have came out and announced that he has an issue with Alcohol and is trying control his demons.But he did none of those!If any amount of time was spent by the police investigating his false claim when they could have been fighting real crime, than he deserves to be heckled. He wants to come out and...
"So your saying there is a chance"?
Dont know how accurate the reporting is, but there is too many questions for me to buy his story.   "(Newser) – How insane was Australian pro golfer Robert Allenby's Friday night? As he put it to NBC Sports on Sunday, "You see this in movies. I've watched Taken and Taken 2 a few times. It's kind of like a spitting image." The golfer claimed he went to a Honolulu wine bar with friends, was lured to the parking lot (under false pretenses) after going to the bathroom, then...
For all we know, he raged hard at a bar after missing the cut. blacked out woke up someplace with some bruises. Would not be the 1st pro to be unable to admit that they have a drinking issues.
I am no expert, but I would advise you to put away that driver.Get a 3 wood and a hybrid to get you 185 yards.Learn to hit the 3 wood off the Tee, smoothly and down the middle.once you have that down take driver out of the bag.When the driver does not serve you go back to a 3 wood!
Every year I have spent the off season replacing something in hopes that it aides my game in the slightest. This year I vowed to replace nothing. My game is improving, my yardage and accuracy is approving. I am going to stick with what I have.   That is unless I find a good deal on a 3 hybrid. In that case I am swapping out my 5 wood for a much needed 3 hybrid!
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