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I played last night. My drives averaged 265. My 2nd shot was 8i or less every shot. My opponent was hitting 7i to a hybrid because he was short and in the fair way.I will take distance, I feel the closer I am the bigger the green gets.Theoretically, If my 2nd shot is 120 yards away from the green and I miss, chances are I will not be far off the green (unless I completely shank it).My opponent is 160 to 180 from the green there is a greater potential to miss. There is a...
I want to print that up on the back of all my golf polo shirts.So when I am on the course everyone back at the Tee Box will know whats up!"awesomer"!!!!!!!!
I know a guy that drinks 6 beers per 9 and stays well "lubed". He shoots a 1 over Consistently and takes the game seriously. I would say that everyone's approach is different, if your more concerned about the beer than the golf, that differentiates you from being a golfer and a drinker!
I am wondering if anyone has any Short minimal Fitness Routines to get yourself out of a rut. Here is the deal: Both Myself and SWMBO have taken on healthier lifestyles. She is using Medifast (it works for her). I eat healthier and have become more active. I do 50 sit ups every morning, followed by a 1 minute bridge. During the day I walk and light lifting at night of various routines. I also walk 9 holes twice a week. I am 5'8" and 210 and still have my beer gut. I am...
I would say you are an alcoholic more than a non-golfer.Then again some of us loosen up after a few too many!
I am a golfer that  that hits 270 and thirty yards off the fairway,  I then punch it from under a tree or chip from a really impossible spot and work way to hard for a par!   But then again, playing from a fairway is too easy. I want a challenge!
Living in the great Northeast as I do the beginning of the golf season can be tricky weather wise. For instance last week which was the first week of my league was 50F and raining. Tomorrow, like most days, is going to be mid 60F when I head out to play, but it will likely be low 60 and cloudy/ no sun by the time I make it back in. It is will be windy and slightly cloudy. My constant dilemma is wearing shorts and a vest and end up being cold when the sun goes down or...
Guess I am finally a "non-Golfer"A scramble is just a different beast from a round of golf.However I tend to have more fun playing in a few scrambles a year than I do in all the rounds during that year.I also play with the same core group, it is more relaxed, we each have our specialty, and we start early with the bloody mary's! 
I have had my burner 3 wood for about 8 years and it is due. I just have to talk SWMBO into freeing up a few$$$$. but it all comes down to economics. As long as the wood works, I dont have to take food out of my kids mouth to buy a new one!
I had 3 putters in my first 3 years on playing.  Since then I have had 3 in 10 years. I last replaced my Cleveland for an Odyssey 9 because I used it at the golf shop and it just felt right. I most likely wont be replacing it any time soon. (that is until someone dies and leaves me $$$ so I can by a Scotty)
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