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You need to grow a backbone and tell the Marketing Dept that you have work that needs to be accomplished.Spending the day golfing does not help you meet the deadlines and productivity management and the stock holders expect of you! (As I type this I am watching the clock, because I am leaving work early to go golfing!)
Joking!!!!!Life is way too short to be serious all the time!Just some quick response to your response:1- I have no problem with pot, but dont smoke. I have family members with problems as well so harder drugs are not approved. Now a Nitrous tank and a bottle of whiskey is the only way to golf!2-I used to get tested, and know that tests can differentiate between contact and usage. but most the golfer I know do it off to the side away from the Cops in our league!3- A cold...
That is a lot of time looking for lost balls!
I dont know- multiple balls + Low score = cheating!!!!! How many mulligans or strings did you buy?
This is answered quite easily.The person in question, when he plays a casual round writes down the score he got or should have gotten. (IE-missed a par put, still write par).in the league he has an opponent watching him and can not just give himself any score, since someone else is usually keeping score.As I tend to tell him there is more pressure in league play and your bad shots are accentuated!While he maintains that you would be 5 strokes better on any other course, I...
cheat: to break a rule or law usually to gain an advantage at somethingHow is this cheating??? Everyone that participates in the scramble has a opportunity to purchase a mulligan. And yes I know Golf does not have mulligans and scrambles are technically cheating in the eyes of the "rules of golf"however Scrambles have their own rules and if you play by the rules you are not cheating.Cheating would be taking mulligans when they are not allowed.I find it funny the amount of...
That is correct, Potus did and can comment on these actions. However that does not mean that every time there is a crime committed we need a statement from POTUS!We dont need to tell us that murder by an illegal immigrant is bad!And does the silence and none comment on all the other murders committed by citizens tantamount to condoning?  "Destroying human life in the hopes of saving human life is not ethical..." GWB June 20, 2007)
Does POTUS really need to make a statement "condemning" people who commit crimes. Going by this logic shouldnt he be making statements "condemning" anyone from committing crimes? Do we really need to have a statement from any POTUS telling us he thinks crimes are wrong?
I have a family member who likes to tell you what is wrong with your swing. Anytime you hit a bad shot he insists "you pulled your head".Regardless if that is really the cause of the problem. I try to stay positive to my playing partners during a bad round. If they hit a lousy tee shot, I just inform them they have a good second shot, they can get home from there. I dont try to fix anyones swing and I dont want anyone messing with mine, especially mid round!
Sitting on the tee box this weekend I got into a debate/discussion with my a few of my league members. My league handicap takes the best 8 out of 16 scores, but does not utilize equitable stroke control. One of the members has always complained that his handicap is too high. He keeps an average for himself (he can be a creative score keeper, but that is another story). His complaint is that he has himself as a 5, the league has him as a 10.   The debate became why...
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