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"thats a nice shot....kind of like your sister, ugly but gets the job done" Only said to the closest of playing partners, never strangers!
Nice putt sally!!!!! (when they leave it way short)
Played a tough league match yesterday. We played straight up (no strokes given) in match play. During the match we tied every hole. If he hit a bad shot, I followed. When I hit a bad shot I had to scramble to tie the hole. The match came down to the last hole, tied. He drives his ball to the fairway, I hit an EPIC slice into the woods. I once again scramble to get a 6 on the hole (par 4), he 3 putts for a 5. That one simple mistake, but is should be noted that I had...
Lost my driver on the 5th hole last night. Slicing hard. Never got it back. This morning I worked on the take away with the driver. Rotating hips and getting the club head through the ball square.
Started using a 25lb kettle bell for 5 minutes a day, doing some  figure 8 to a hold to work core Followed by short swing (chipping/bump & run) to get my wrists through the ball
If I am playing with a group of strangers, I tend to stay real quiet. Sun glasses on, Speak when spoken to and just do my thing! I will ask them where they are from and some general questions, but nothing like if we were on a first date. I am not getting to know them. I will only most likely speak to them on the tee and green over the next 4 hours. If I am with friends I tend to speak a little more. Some light conversation, some wise remarks but I am not looking to debate...
not a bad Idea, and I have attempted it a few times.However I am a "Mr Mom" and I find that any action that is not feeding my kids and getting them to school and myself to work usually get interupted. Once school is out, I will have more time.
Yes, plank. My kids have always called them bridges.I am trying to find the time to work in what ever I can when I can. I have noticed that doing a a plank in the morning, followed by one in the evening has left my gut feeling stronger.I have started to incorporate some dumbbells in both evening and morning. Once my calf strain lightens up I will start some squats. I also walk alot, 57 miles last month.I feel stronger than last year and I am hitting the ball further and...
I have time in the morning for either 50 crunches or a bridge. I can do 50 crunches but that leaves me only able to do a 15 second bridge. Or I can just do a minute plus bridge. I feel like after doing a bridge for a minute, I feel it more so than doing some crunches.     I am a fitness noob, so anyone have any info either way.
Swung with a weighted club to stretch. Worked 5 min on putting stroke!
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