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Appearently I got Joe Biden! I did not even know he was a candidate!
I always thought of myself as a well aged misogynistic pig 
What year is this???????No offense but that is almost a 20 year old reference!!!Might as well thrown in a "watch me hit this drive"!As a matter of fact, I would love to see Tiger get up to the 1st tee this weekend. Make a quick speech "I hit that hard, now watch me hit this drive" I am not a journalist, I only pretend to be one on the interwebs.However When a women tells the NE she was abducted by Aliens the NE is reporting the women's story.There does not have to be a...
Tiger bagged a waitress from Sizzler. What makes you think he is above tee'ing off on Amanda Boyd?????
I would simply state that Trumps "America" & my "America" are 2 completely different worlds.
I think DT is in this purely for himself. While I am not going to play ignorant and pretend that other politicians are doing this strictly for the betterment of society, I think Trump is doing this out of Pure EGO. Ever hear Trump talk about his hotels and golf courses? Everything is the "best"! Now the one problem I could see with Trump as President is that he is never told "no". Trump has never worked in the confines of a Govt System and while many will say that is a...
Yes. I go between an E6 and NXT Tour, because they both come in yellow. I have tried the B330 and it was decent.Pro V's just feel way to "clicky" off the face for me.Call me superstitious, but I play my best rounds with  E6 or NXT Tour, and even better when the ball is yellow!
I will say that I am fortunate that I can be picky about Golf balls. I know someone who works at a course and therefore I get an endless supply without ever having to pay for a ball. That being said this has afforded me an opportunity to try many different balls. It is nice to be able to play an expensive ball that you can afford. it is also baffling to find an expensive ball which you dont understand why they are $45 a dozen!
Now your just being silly!!!!!
Last night I slowed down my back swing, but powered through the ball. I was hitting my driver well with only a slight draw. My 3 drives were 265, 255, 297. There was a lot of roll on the last one. But more importantly no snap hooks.   My long irons still fade  my wedges are pulled slightly left.   But atleast my draw, fade & pull are only about 5 to 10 yards. This is something I can work on evening out or worst case scenario playing with. 
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