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I had 3 putters in my first 3 years on playing.  Since then I have had 3 in 10 years. I last replaced my Cleveland for an Odyssey 9 because I used it at the golf shop and it just felt right. I most likely wont be replacing it any time soon. (that is until someone dies and leaves me $$$ so I can by a Scotty)
I am about the same yardage wise, except I dont carry a 3H, I carry a 5 wood which goes about 220-215.I got my 5W for free with the purchase of my driver years ago and never replaced it.I basically use it off the tee and long par 3's. I took my 60 out of my bag. I have spent time learning to do all the things my 60 does, but with my 56.If you dont use it, dont carry it.Drop the 60 and grab a 2 or 3 H or 5W
The PGA is as hypocritical as any of the other leagues (NBA-MLB-NFL). They wont punish the major stars for doing things they are quite aware they are doing. Many of these guys gamble on the practice round and they would not dare suspend them for it.They need to keep their cash cows on TV to get the audience.Then again if you are someone like dustin Johnson and do something as un-wholesome as coke, you are gone!Why, because the PGA wants to be a very clean, family friendly...
I just took my 60 wedge out of my bag. I dont use it nearly as much. I also find that, that with some practice I can just manipulate a 56 to get the same results. I do carry a 5 wood I use only rarely, but when I need it, it is good to have. I try to carry only what I use, which can be easy considering 90% of my rounds are on the same course. Since I walk carrying what I use and leaving the fluff behind makes me lighter and work less walking.   but I have a feeling,...
Cant disagree with you that it is a step and a step in the right direction. If it pays off in the end finishing top 20 with all the above is a major step.But yes Tiger needs to win majors, and I would bet he would have been willing to take 2 steps back if it meant he could have won a major! I wonder is taking all those steps would have been better served at any other tournament to better enable him to be more competative for the masters?Or maybe the Masters just worked...
even though I would be thrilled to finish top 20 in a major, this is Tiger.A top 20 is a failure for him. Anything less than a win is a failure.It is my assumption that he is out there Win and only win. He has made enough on tour to sustain a living. He needs to win majors and tournaments. Anything else is a waste for him.He is unlike any of the other 60 "great golfers", he is Tiger!
My league does a long drive at our mid and end of year tournament.It is always the longest drive that is in the fairway.We also hold it on the longest par 5.but if your league is anything like mine as long as there is a quorum to vote, we vote and democracy rules! We have held our tournaments that have held a separate "closest to the line" drive competition.I would rather walk away with a par than a prize for putting my ball on a line! Best of Luck!
just to finally bring this to a close. While I addressed his actions to him within my playing group,. I did accidently out him to some fellow golfers. People are always raving about his short game , which is very good. However it gets tiresome having to listen to people drone on and one about how I should take a lesson from him and learn his short game. I the fed up response went something like "you should take a lesson from your old man on his short game"-...
I have it on good authority that tiger was not suspended but abducted by aliens, which is why he is not playing on tour. The tourney he pulled out from was nothing by a clone that was used to make us believe that Tiger really has a back issue.   In reality he is in a galaxy far, far away playing for the Universe Ryder cup on the Nebulan team!
Does anyone still want to put money on Tiger reaching the 83/19 win water mark? The less he plays, the better the field gets, the older he gets I am getting less and less sure he will reach it!
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