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My long irons 5 through 7, I skim the grass maybe take a little divot my short irons I 8-PW, I have Bacon. GW-60 I dig a trench!
This is also probably the same type of guy who thinks we have had too many Clinton's in the white house. Then Votes for Jeb Bush!
Who cares if the rain gear leaks.Just as long as they are flashy and offensive to the eyes wearing those loudmouth pants and matching shirts!!!!!
And that is what would scare me about a Trump Presidency.Dont get me wrong I am enjoying his candidacy, just for the fact that he is a clown who is exposing the circus for what they are.He is saying the things that the other candidates think but dare not say. he is turning the teaparty minded against fox news and against the republican party.it is entertaining to watch.That being said if people complained about the amount of executive orders used by GWB and BHO, I would...
  While I agree that Daly is well past his prime and probably will never get the job.I would point out that not all "great" players make "great" managers.This happens in Baseball and basketball all the time.Was Watson a great Captain because he was a great player?At this point I would put Donald Trump or Shooter McGavin in as Captain if it got U.S. the win!
is it time to invoke Godwin's law!!!!  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Godwin%27s_law
  Ben Carson quotes-On veterans dying waiting for medical care from the Department of Veterans Affairs: "I think what's happening with the veterans is a gift from God to show us what happens when you take layers and layers of bureaucracy and place them between the patients and the health care provider. And if we can't get it right, with the relatively small number of veterans, how in the world are you going to do it with the entire population?" On Obamacare: "You know,...
She's a Keeper!
"you hit that good"! It is well!  You hit that WELL!!!!!   Second is people who spit on the green.  My ball might roll through that. I have to pick my ball up. I dont want your DNA on my ball!
So if I walk into the my local courses pro shop and find 1 of my balls with my distinct mark on it, it would be unethical of the course to refuse to return the ball to me! I am one of if not the only person on my home course to play yellow Bridgestones. Not to mention my balls are all marked distinctly! They could check my bag and see all of them marked the same way.But they would most likely refuse and then sell my ball back to me.
New Posts  All Forums: