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Spent 5 minutes working on stance. Then 5 minutes with a bag on my back taking steps on and off a cinder block!
I have a dog. I am usually the one taking him for a walk. I tried to throw some ideas out there. She was not receptive. Complained about her early arthritus bothering her since she works a high stress job that keeps her on her feet all day. I even tried telling her that if she worked out it would help motivate me. But no not receptive at all.She seem to be content and of the belief that she can reduce her calories and sit on a couch and be successful.I am done trying.
Played like a beast yesterday, so I am sore from the walk this morning. Dragged myself out of bed and worked on take away and keeping club head square at MOI
That is child's play,I have played 5 balls at once.The tough part was keeping score for all 5 balls 
This morning, 6 am in the garage worked on rhythm. Slowed down take away using a broom stick to keep things parallel. Slow take away, stiff left arm. Explode through the ball. playing 9 later today. See how if it helped
Spent the last 2 hours at work reading about golf planes. Videos, text and watching my own video.   http://www.golfdigest.com/golf-instruction/mental-game/labauve_0810   I think I am on the right path to correcting and proper plane!   Might run over to the big golf box store on my lunch and "test" a club.
Like I said previously, I know a guy who carries a -2 handicap. He drinks a few beers a side and take his game seriously.He can also play 56 holes in 1 day and have some beers.We are not all the same and we are not all on the course for the same reason.To each their own. you want to be a teetotaler, you have every right to be.But almost 100% of us on this forum are not going pro, so as long as another golfer's behavior does not impact your game, so be it!
Once on a launch monitor I averaged a 16 degree launch angle./I tee it up high and in line with my big left toe and at its highest I could clear a maple tree. I have tried changing things on the advice of others to get lower trajectory, but after awhile I stopped. The high launch is not the worst part of my game and I still get 265 yards on a drive.
Went to the range last night. I kept my distance with the stiff shaft with a lower trajectory but had a 10 yard fade on it. my R-flex was high in the sky with a slight fade. Now the issue is the callaway head sounds like a hollow tin can on impact!
Went to the range last night. Tweeked my swing to a what feels like a slighly inside take away opposed to a stiff left arm and almost straight back. I got great results, but now my driver is off. So this morning I had my 8 year record my take away in the garage as I took some swings. Both swings look the same but feel different. With the new plane there seems to be no potential for my left wrist to keep the club face open. I guess if I can hit an 8 iron 165 dead...
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