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Years ago I took lessons from a PGA professional (who no longer teaches) that to create more power you had to roll your wrists through the ball. He gave me some pre shot practices of just rolling my wrists over. It has helped me go from being a beginner to a decent hacker. recently (last 3 years) I have been taking lessons from a different PGA pro. The pro doesnt like that I dont interlock my grip or overlap, but with 20 years of baseball there is no way I would be...
I saw this last night on the tube. I yelled at my TV "NO, NO, NO!!!!" If I ever scrapped my back foot and tapped it the guys in my playing group would escort me off the course for being foolish.Dont they Vet this advice before they air it?
If it is just me and him, We ride in the same cart but keep separate cards.He plays the game he wants and writes down par, I keep my own card and play the ball as it lies.Like I said if we are not playing for anything he can play anyway he wants.But when we are out competing in a field of 40 guys he is cheating against me and others.Worst of all when I know he has cheated and gotten away with it and won prizes, I sit at the bar and listen to streams of golfers tell me how...
Just the opposite or maybe not. He cheats in both casual rounds and league tournaments. He plays 2 to 3 times a weeks with the same bunch of guys. They dont gamble, they dont compete, they just drink, knock the ball around and announce what ever score they want to give themselves. When i play with these guys which is rarely these days, I keep my own card in my pocket and I dont announce my score. I am out there playing for me and trying to have the best round possible....
That was 1/2 the guys in my group this weekend. I shot a 92 (slick greens killed me) and another guy shot a 93 with almost 20 mulligans.
Some one must have said something to him, because on the first tee he handed me the score card for the 4some and declared "you keep score". Once we got off the tee and off the tee to our second shots he asked "how serious are we playing"? I got him to admit to atleast 2 double boggies. On other holes I wrote down his boggie when he told me a par or when he said nothing I knew it was a boggie. He ended up 11 over, which is legit, he had a great string of pars on the...
I just encountered this exact same situation this weekend. Playing my league mid year tournament, guy duffed his second shot. he was fuming, screaming and cursing. he said "F-this I am taking a mulligan" and dropped a ball and hit a second shot.He said he par'ed the hole, I corrected his score before he turned in his card.
I was B-Fit for Bridgestone TOUR B330‑RX Jordan Spieth - 14 Phil Mickelson -11 Rory McIlroy - 10
If Trump wins he will turn all our national parks into overpriced, over hyped Trump Golf courses!
Mid year club tournament is approaching. I notified 2 of the guys who play in my group each year, that I will be calling all of the cheater's rule breaking. The response I got was "good luck". I am flabbergasted that these people know and condone the behavior and make no effort to stop it.   Next year I will find a new playing group!
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