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"you hit that good"! It is well!  You hit that WELL!!!!!   Second is people who spit on the green.  My ball might roll through that. I have to pick my ball up. I dont want your DNA on my ball!
So if I walk into the my local courses pro shop and find 1 of my balls with my distinct mark on it, it would be unethical of the course to refuse to return the ball to me! I am one of if not the only person on my home course to play yellow Bridgestones. Not to mention my balls are all marked distinctly! They could check my bag and see all of them marked the same way.But they would most likely refuse and then sell my ball back to me.
At this point if the team continues to lose they need to add a spark. Daly would bring that.
I keep telling SWMBO that I would be soo much a better golfer if I could just quit my job and practice and play lots of golf.I could probably be a 5.She is not quite on board as I would have hoped!
Slum it at Beachwood Possum Trot Azalea Sand   Work up to.... River Hills Eagle Nest   Then head over to  TideWater Aberdeen Country Club     Unfortunately, WaterWay Hills was purchased by Dunes and closed!!!! Always got a decent value there!
I still play my big bertha 08 irons. Love them. But never liked the callaway fairways and drivers. So I stuck with my Taylormade burner. I am hoping these new berthas will allow me to add new stuff to the bag!
46* PW  135ish yards 50* GW  125 ish         - both Berthas   56* SW 105ish 60* LW 80ish -both Volkey Spin milled.   I go back and forth taking my 60* out. Sometimes I find I can do the same thing with the 56*, but sometime I like being able to hit a full 80 yard shot, instead of a 3/4 swing with the 56*.   I have a volkey 54* that I can swap for the 56, but the 54* never felt as versatile as the 56* I usually start every year by establishing a a wedge set up...
I just updated mine to 16.3, which is where it has been for the last year. I have been unable to shake off the .3 but I also have had no time to practice this summer.
Upstate NY Fall golf!Playing Yellow balls, right as the leaves are turning yellow and covering the fairway.you can loose a ball in the fairway easy. Also using a yellow ball in the spring when the dandelions cover the fairway!!!!
I was going to try those as well, but my yard is small and if I shank one it is liable to break my window or worse my neighbors. 
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