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Some one must have said something to him, because on the first tee he handed me the score card for the 4some and declared "you keep score". Once we got off the tee and off the tee to our second shots he asked "how serious are we playing"? I got him to admit to atleast 2 double boggies. On other holes I wrote down his boggie when he told me a par or when he said nothing I knew it was a boggie. He ended up 11 over, which is legit, he had a great string of pars on the...
I just encountered this exact same situation this weekend. Playing my league mid year tournament, guy duffed his second shot. he was fuming, screaming and cursing. he said "F-this I am taking a mulligan" and dropped a ball and hit a second shot.He said he par'ed the hole, I corrected his score before he turned in his card.
I was B-Fit for Bridgestone TOUR B330‑RX Jordan Spieth - 14 Phil Mickelson -11 Rory McIlroy - 10
If Trump wins he will turn all our national parks into overpriced, over hyped Trump Golf courses!
Mid year club tournament is approaching. I notified 2 of the guys who play in my group each year, that I will be calling all of the cheater's rule breaking. The response I got was "good luck". I am flabbergasted that these people know and condone the behavior and make no effort to stop it.   Next year I will find a new playing group!
i have been practicing on my take away as it is all out of sorts. At the range I just kill it over and over again. My issue is that when I address the ball at the course I pause and then that is when the thoughts get in my head. So I have started working on taking 2 practice swings, address ball and hit rather quickly. This takes my mind out of my swing and allows me act on instinct.
I know the same guy, except mine does not even bother hitting from a bunker. He just tosses it out of the bunker and declares "I am not going to hit out of this crap".His theory is that you really have no way of knowing what is under the sand and does not want to bust up his clubs. he also tends to take a mulligan on chips and uses the better shot.His score is kept according to what he should have had, not what he actually had. I dont care what he does until he wants to...
I go back far enough that the club almost touches my shoulder. I have tried to hit a ball with various take backs, but this seems to be the only way I can do it. So what ever works!
Someone needs to be a trend setter!
@isukgolf I understand and agree.I play by the rules, unless I am playing in a league (which is already been determined to not be "real golf) or tournament that bends them everyone.You play your game, I will play mine. you write down your score, I write down mine. The only time our games will cross paths is if we are playing for something. Then we have to play by the same rules.But for a novice who is hitting over 100 and penalize them for grounding a club etc... is just...
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