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I am in the market for a new driver and putter. I have no clue where to start on either. I have callaway Razr Irons and am looking at the RBZ driver. Money is not an issue I just want to get something that is quality and will improve my game. I also don't like traditional putters and am leaning more towards the larger heads.
any suggestions on drivers and putters I should try out? I am 5'10, hit the ball pretty well but still critiquing my swing.
I bought a set of Callaway Razr's Uniflex
I am getting back into the golf game and have a large chunk of money I am willing to spend on my equipment, what are some of the best shoes out today? how about type of bag? should I get a cart bag or standing? I will mostly be in a cart but need something for the range too. what type of balls should I purchase? I need some that are forgiving since I will probably struggle with some slicing at first.   thanks
I am looking to buy a new set of Irons, I used to play a good amount and have taken a break until now, I am selling my old clubs and want to get some that are quality clubs. looking to spend around $300-$400 on irons probably, what would yall suggest? I am definitely going to get used clubs.
new to the Forum, looking for some advice on putting, lately i have been adding 3-4 strokes to each hole just from my putting. Just want some input about:   Feet width Ball position Weight Eyes before and after shot How to line up correct with hole Grip   Thanks for the help.
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