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I have a Clicgear 3.0. It's great!
Still confusing... Lol
Garmin G3 on sale!
Are these just to personalize your bag, or do they serve any other purpose? Sorry for the dumb question.
I have entered. Fingers crossed!
Just went to Golfsmith and they had an extra box that I could have. Awesome. Now off to eBay it! :)
Thank you for all the responses. I wanted to try and stay away from eBay because of the shipping. Also, I don't even know where I would find a box to fit it.
I just upgraded bags and my old bag is in perfect condition. What is the best way to sell my old bag? I already have it on Craigslist... It is a Nike Sunday Carry bag, retails new for $109.99. My bag looks brand new... I have it on CL for $75 obo. Am I asking too much? Are there any trade in programs for bags? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
A few from the 15th tee box at Newport Beach public golf course...
Just spoke with someone over the phone at PayPal. Although they can't say too much, Shotly is being investigated by them at this time.    The lady at PayPal read over what I had, and instantly gave my account a credit of $25. They can't do much about the $5 shipping charge, though... but that is okay, I got $25 back and a couple of cheapo golf things!   PayPal FTMFW!!!
New Posts  All Forums: