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Depends on you. I'm 6'6", and my standard clubs are just not long enough. I am someone who needs, and would benefit from custom shaft-length, lie fitting, etc.    If you are average height, with average length arms, then you may just need to get a lie fitting, with will cost you like $100 max at a Golf Galaxy/Golf shop. 
My two biggest things are keeping my head down (im 6'6" using standard length clubs so this is imperative not to lift up or ill miss the ball completely, lol), but not overcompensating and hitting fat and to keep my focus on everything but my swing.    I have a pretty decent natural swing, played hockey and baseball my whole life, so I have been swinging objects for most of my life. I know the swing planes and techniques are way different, but I caught on to golf...
A lot of these responses are very misleading. Anyone who says muscles don't matter are wrong. Completely off base at least.    Muscles only matter once your technique is perfected. Getting your hips to turn correctly is key. The longest drivers on tour also have, not suprisingly, the most hip rotation in most cases. Bubba Watson even lifts his front foot off the ground slightly to allow him to rotate a little more.    That being said, strength comes into it after...
You had to plug your gun stance why? 
Anyone else in Pittsburgh getting ready for the season? I'm pumped!
Agreed. My opinion on the matter is that you should respect people's decisions, as they respect yours. I could care less if you are gay or straight, now if you're republican on the other hand... ;)
I'm focusing this year (when the season begins) on getting more solid iron shots, especially on the longer irons in the fairways. I tend to stand up a little bit when I get tired and I have a lot of inconsistency when it comes to dipping my shoulders forward or back so I'm not hitting the ball consistent; not even consistently fat or thin.
haha, I suppose it has. LOL.
I realized that I hasn't drank any soda today. I normally drink Pepsi as soon as I get to work (not a coffee person) and I get headache when I don't drink caffeine. Who knows, I probably have a tumor lol
I think I might grit my teeth when I swing. My headache is nearly gone, but I have pain in my jaw now. Maybe I have TMJ lol.
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