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Keep us posted with the results when you decide to pull the trigger and change shafts. I will keep an eye on this thread....thanks.
I bought a strong 3 wood --- Tour Edge XCG4. Great 3 wood.....but   For driving, height is a rainmaker when I try to play a fade.......but as advertised this Tour Exotics is quite long....
I played with the MP-14 for a few years, still have it on my basement. Then played with Mizuno MP-68 this year until I had a deal I can't walk away with Wilson FG Tours. The ball trajectory between these models are quite dramatic ----- like you said the Mizuno ball flight is more of a penetrating trajectory.   One major difference is that the FG Tour head is quite heavier ----- which partly explains the high ball flight.   Here is the link to the Wilson website in regards...
I play with FG Tours fitted with S300. Took the advice of a fitter as my tempo is slower than most. I hit rainmakers with this combo.   Found a cheaper way to lower the ball flight ---- I play with Bridgestone E7 low trajectory balls ----- dialed in the perfect ball trajectory.
FInally had a chance to try these balls on the course. Wow, these balls are very quiet at impact compared to the E5's. These balls are long.....but kinda like the quiet thud from these balls.   Any balls quieter than the E6 ?
If you will be looking at a new set of irons, look at the Ping offerings. I know they are a bit on the pricey side, but very easy clubs to hit.   I always played with forged irons, but at times I would like to get a bit easier clubs to hit when my swing is not quite there. I tried the Ping irons ------ pretty impressed with them. I looked at I15 and the G15 clubs. The prices on these clubs should start coming down a bit as new models are already out (G20) and the...
Hurricane Golf is a reliable place to purchase from.
Thanks much ----- have a new project when Winter just prevents going out and playing. Nice Work !!
How does FG Tours compare to VIP's.   I likewise recently acquired the FG Tours. Likewise I acquired a used MP-68 at the beginning of the year to replace my MP-14 which I played for 12-13 years. In regards to feel, this is my opinion.   Soft ----- > Firm   MP-68 -> FG Tours -> MP-14 = VIP.   Again take this with a grain of salt....as this is just my opinion.  
Macgregors are very under rated in my opinion. The VIP line are very solid. I know when you compare it side by side with the Mizuno, the VIP's has a harder feel to it. But again, feel is very subjective.   I think Macgregors being sold at Kmart kinda hurt the brand for brand conscious folks.   Btw, which FG's were you playing ? I just picked up a new set of FG Tours as the price of it was just above $300.00. Very pleasantly surpised by this set by Wilson. Tends to launch...
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