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the allotted 5 minuets. i hate playing slow but in this case i will take a full (timed) 5 minuets. i will not let other peoples enjoyment for the game rush my own personal goals as long as your not doing anything outside of the rules or purposely being a nuisance  . 
Best shot of the week was a on a par 5 first shot out of bounds off the tee. Second middle of the fairway then put a 3 iron to 4ft away from the pin and made the par putt. Ended up playing two under my handicap and got cut 1.2 shots as the par went up for the day.
Mcheep great advice will take that on board. Thankyou to everyone that has taken the time to reply
Lost balls had a 8,9and 10 all off the tee. Just lost my Rhythm
Lihu. Well I think the fact I just needed to shoot a 46 and I would win my first comp was partly to do with. I tried to stay calm and not mess up and the opposite happened. I can easily play to 18 when not in a competition it seems when I competitive I just can't do it. Closest I came was this weekend.
Just played a two day comp and after day one sitting two under nett score. I play off 18 and first 9 which I think is the harder 9. I shot a gross 40. So 4 shots under my handicap. The back 9 I shot a 59. Completely blew up. Any tips on how to learn from this? I felt relaxed I excepted my bad shots but I feel I just tried to hard.
Thank you iacas i will get to the range tonight. now you have pointed it out i can see my hips hardly move and my knees are almost identical to the swing on the left. 
Sorry think I made a few mistakes uploading that video. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The obvious thing to me is ball position. This is a wedge I am hitting. Can't seem to embed videos so please follow the link. Many thanks
I've been Playing Golf for:2 years​  My current handicap index is 18B] My ball flight is a controllable fade to a straight shot The shot I miss is a big fade with driver or low irons:     Videos:    
It doesn't ballon or doesn't feel like it does I'm quite happy with my ball flight but that is a good idea to upload a video and will do so. when i can drum up the courage to ask a golf buddy to film my swing.    Thanks Saevel
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