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6' 2" and I use a 36" standard lie putter. I prefer a more upright stance when putting, and I'm considering building a putter to 38-39 inches.
Adams Super LS ($135) w/ Harrison Striper H2 ($199) Adams Tight Lies ($165) w/ Harrison Mugen Black ($125) Adams CB1 Irons ($305 for 4-GW, $75 for 3 iron) Yururi Gekku wedges ($420 for 3) Never Compromise Putter ($150) Ogio Chamber ($175) Ogio X4 Push Cart ($150) 13x Pure Grips @ $6per Garmin G6 ($249)   All bought brand new as current models. Got lucky on a couple ebay auctions and some sales.
I try to play all year round. The courses around me close if its below freezing. So it depends on the weather, but I'll golf all year if I can. I played last year in the snow...didn't really stick, but snowed the entire round...was pretty fun. In the cold, I just layer well with UA Cold Gear...and usually don't have much of an issue.
Well I wasn't planning on picking anything else up for a little bit. Came home from work, check my email, there is a Buy one get one free @ true linkswear. I love their shoes and had to take advantage of such an awesome sale. Picked up another pair of Stealths and Protos for $159.
A new driver off of eBay. I've been struggling a bit with my driver launch (too high, zero roll). I like the driver, and found the same head but with a rare 7.5* head. Got it new for a steal. Can't wait to give it a go.
I like to be comfortable when I golf. If its 70+ and dry I'll wear shorts. If its ~50-70 I'll wear slacks. If its colder than that, its Under Armour Cold gear golf pants. SOMETIMES if its in the 70s and rainy i'll opt for pants.   I have two friends that belong to private clubs (different clubs), when I golf with them its pants...regardless of the weather.
Shot an 89 in strong wind today. Was a bit all over the place today, but somehow still shot OK.
Picked up a couple dozen Bridgestone Treosofts for the colder weather (my favorite winter ball) while I was dropping off my driver and 3 wood to be reshafted.
A new pair of UA Cold Gear pants. I have a pair that I love and they're still in great shape....but have become 8 sizes too big on me.
Nope. I don't get along with hybrids what so ever. I've tried a couple and I'm fine with fairway woods and irons.
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