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I just moved away from Callaway musclebacks to Mizuno MP59.  I loved the Callaways; gorgeous clubs and like shooting a bullet when flushed. However, there really is a big forgiveness difference with a cavity back and I just love my new clubs.  Immediately improved my game.  
Interesting stuff.  Takes a bit to comprehend and I don't fully understand the clockwise, counterclockwise thing, but I'm interested in trying out the concept of opposing pressure for putting/chipping.  
There really are no absolutes in golf.  It certainly depends on the hole, your position on the hole coming into the green, the position of the flag, etc., but I think I am with Harmonious on this one.  It's nice to at least develop a shot you are comfortable laying up to.   Although it may be preferable to be closer to the green , don't forget we're not just talking about the shot into the green, we're talking about the accuracy of the shot before it. A shot where you...
Found what I was looking for.  I should have known there was a "posture thread" somewhere:   The shoulders feeling rounded, inward and down, allows the chin to be down, which allows for the ball to be seen with central vision.  The eyes which are located in the head are what need to be stable or centrally foviated on the object to maintain the balance centers located in the eyes, ears, and muscular system.  When we are looking at the golf ball, and our head is down, we...
I can't imagine it is "normal."  When I have a good swing it feels effortless and balanced with no jerkiness. If I had to guess, you're body is fighting the club somehow. Maybe it's a path problem, maybe you're arms are separating in your follow through (think chicken wing.)   Hard to say without seeing a swing. You should video and post on the My Swing thread.
I remember reading a comment by mvmac in another thread talking about head/eye position where, I think, he recommended to someone that he get his eyes on more parallel line to the ball at address.  He said something to the effect that it gave him a "few other things for free" which I took to mean set him up to perform some other fundamentals more easily.  This was in regards to a full swing, not putting.     What is the 5ks theory on head/eye position at address?
If you are trying to post a video:     Embed Videos This forum will embed YouTube and Vimeo videos, and we strongly encourage you to embed videos of these types. Just click the "video" or "film" icon in the toolbar, paste the URL to the video in, and click "Submit" to embed the video in your post.   When you post/reply: in the tool bar with the smiley face you will see a symbol that looks like film.  click that and copy the url for your video.  Hope that helps
 Take your medicine and punch it out.
Get fitted, take the specs home and buy a set of 3 year old used clubs on-line.   There simply is not enough change in club development in the last few years to make a difference in your game. You can get excellent clubs from the name brand of your liking at half the price.
 Following that analogy, you should buy the oldest, cheapest, 1 iron, blade style iron you can find.  If you can hit that, you can hit anything.  Candidly, I think there is a greater tendency to develop some poor habits by trying to hit a difficult club.   I do carry a 2 iron, but only use it off the tee.  For me to hit it successfully and consistently off the grass, I end up sacrificing distance and height and it turns out to be a shot that I could hit better with my 4...
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