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If you like Nike products then check out the pro cavity back irons.  You could probably get a set for super cheap right now
Always tip
I agree... forget brand new and purchase a used set for now.
Nike MC3i   super cheap these days   ***long live the thread!**
Test out some clubs... find what fits you best.. then buy it used.  
  Have you been able to swing any clubs yet? I was able to swing both the VRS and this year's COVERT 6i yesterday.  Despite the rave reviews on both I didn't care much for the feel at impact.  Something just didn't feel right. Then I decided to try the AP1 6i... swooooooonnn   But I'm happy with my pro cavities for now
The Montreal Canadians.... I grew up in Toronto and the hate between the Leafs and Canadians is something special.
6 iron. 
Doesn't Brent win extra $$ in the elimination rounds?
Summer or early fall. I live in the north west..so any other time is the rain season
New Posts  All Forums: