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Game plan for the course your playing and be confident it will affect how people play when they are in your group.  Also don't forget to only hit the clubs you can control on a regular basis.
next to nothing. I only carry a few clubs these days and only own maybe 12 clubs that are what I consider nice clubs.
We do have snow on the ground.  Hope you didn't get any.
Mine sure looks to be now here in Wisconsin:(
Had a ugly 47 out 47 in yesterday couldn't hit it strait, very windy round.
No not even close to the courses I wanted to play but I did like the fact that it is so old, gave it a cool old school feel. Very easy course but fun and you still have to hit good shots.  My time ended up limited on the trip so I just used my stay and play round.  Next time in the area( time allowed) i will play a bigger course.
Not anywhere near what the plan was I ended up playing a course called Moor Downs, a tiny 9 hole track that has a rich history.  Est in 1915 this course was well groomed and for $20 it was a great time. Par was 34 and I carded a 39 +5.
This is true.
I have been playing like this most of the season,   3w-180-250  hybrid-155-175  7i-110-150   Aw-75-100.  It works for me, keeps the game simple, lightens the bag, and I am playing good golf by my standards.
Played the back tees on the front 9 today and I rarely do this but just for fun I tried it out. Shot 46 +10 with only one par.
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