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Played the back tees on the front 9 today and I rarely do this but just for fun I tried it out. Shot 46 +10 with only one par.
Played a round with my best mate and shot 87 to beat him by 1. Course was par 72.
I shot a 50 early this year which is high for me it happens.
shot my best 9 this year with a 39.  It was an easy little course 64.9/106 but I played well.
shot a 47-44=91 (+19) at my home course.  Played with some high school kid who shot like 84 man these kids today really hit the ball.  He was better than what he shot which is scary.  I want a rematch
3w-180-230 4h-160-175 7i-125-150 9i-100-120 sw-60-90 As you can see with these 5 clubs I can cover most of my yardages.  I have more than 14 clubs that I could carry but this setup is more consistant.  I do it by choice I find it the most rewarding playing with a super lite bag.
Played in a stroke play match with my friend and shot 88 on a par 72 course rated 68.6/113.  I won by 12 with him shooting 100.  We tied the last match we played so I guess I won the tie breaker.
tour edge bazooka line would be something I would look at if I had a budget.  I use two of them in my bag and they perform.  They are also durable,my hybrid has a lot of miles on it.  Also lifetime warranty for tour edge.
I only use 3w and I feel like it gives me the best chance to score.
I would go 5 clubs in my smallest carry bag.  Hybrid,7i,9i,sw,putter. No par 3 courses in my area so never get to do it, but im only using 6 clubs in total on full length courses and it seems to me i'm just a tad more consistent with half a set of clubs,just the ones I hit best and I have went from shooting 45 for 9 to more like 42 so less clubs has meant 3 less strokes per 9 holes.  My handicap dosen't always reflect it because my home course has a low rating because...
New Posts  All Forums: