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That is something I read I didn't know this until recently.
Charles Blair Macdonald played with merely 6 clubs during a time when you could carry up to 22 clubs in your bag. He was disgusted by that notion, and I think he was right.
No this happens to me too I'm thinking it has to do with playing conditions.  Some courses that are bigger and "tougher" are more playable because they are taken care of better. I putt better on fast or "bikini waxed" greens so I normally play better on the bigger courses.
I calculate my own it's not hard and I can update daily. Mine is current.
shot a 41 today par 36. Got a birdie so that helped. Used just 6 clubs seems to make things easier.
So I tried just 6 clubs today and played bogey golf like I normally do two long clubs, two mid clubs 7i,9i, and two short clubs sw and putter.  I will be doing this again.
thinking about dropping my aw to only have 6 then I will have a nice speed golf set.
46 for 9 holes today which is +10 where I played.
I may be a winner cause I only play 7 clubs in a sunday bag.  I played 13 in high school and 10 after that but this year I went minimal and I am playing my best golf to date.  Probably won't work for most but it's affective for me. I do have some other clubs in a back up bag but never use them. It's just a personal preference that I do it not saying it's the right way.
New Posts  All Forums: