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I may be a winner cause I only play 7 clubs in a sunday bag.  I played 13 in high school and 10 after that but this year I went minimal and I am playing my best golf to date.  Probably won't work for most but it's affective for me. I do have some other clubs in a back up bag but never use them. It's just a personal preference that I do it not saying it's the right way.
I got the chance to play a course new to me yesterday called TimberRidge Golf Club it used to be private I guess but it's public now. Long course compared to what I normally play but I seem to shoot right around my normal for 9 holes. The rating for 18 from the tees I played was 70/119 but I only played 9 and shot 42.  Fun day all in all.
played quick 9 after work and shot a 45 par 36.  With 8 clubs.
I will be in the area for August 16,17. I will be playing the 17th if u want to join up for a round.
I think Tom Watson is the greatest golfer of all time sure he dosen't have as many majors as some but He has played at a higher level for longer than anyone I can think of, the guy is 63 and still making cuts on the regular tour and in his prime he could beat anyone.
change of plans won't be playing erin hills, instead I will be playing Washington County Golf Course which is more value per dollar.  I have read that I will enjoy this course even more than erin hills.
I hate the rust spots on there they get like tiny spots if you look real close I don't know why but it bugs me
here's a question.  what do you use to keep steel shafts looking new?
thanks for the feed back.  Yeah I was looking at the course map and it does seem like whites will be plenty long.
I am going to play erin hills in a month and a half.  From the website and any coverage I have saw this will test this 17 cap.  Has anyone played here and if so what should I expect. Also still debating what tee to play from I'm thinking white. My score average this year is 89 so what do think should I take on the full course or play it from where mere mortals should play from. Comments and questions are welcome.
New Posts  All Forums: