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  One thing I noticed in Mike's video is that as the golfer's went through their backswings, their heads stayed in essentially the same location.
Nice tip. I was kinda leaning towards the Srixon Soft Feel myself, but the last thing I need is a ball that is jumpy off the putter face.  
Has anyone tried spine alignments on graphite or steel shafts and noted a difference?
Totally agree with point #2.  If golf were easy, they would put windmills on every course, and add go-karts and an arcade.  
I'm new at golf and am dreadfully inconsistent with a driver.  I recently added a 5 wood to my irons.   Also, I think a golfer who would call someone a wuss for not carrying or using a driver has got some issues of his own, imho.
Thanks everyone for the replies.    I tried a 2 and 4 hybrid briefly but was very dissatisfied with the feel and distances.  Perhaps it was me, trying to hit them like irons.  Anyways I returned the hybrids and put the 3 iron back in the bag.   I read in another thread about a 25/38 rule.  That new golfers should avoid clubs with a loft below 25* or a shaft length greater than 38".  I think that's a good idea.
This a tangent to the thread on single length clubs, i.e. simplifying the golf swing.   I'm new to golf.  In fact, I've yet to play a round.  Instead, I've spent the last 4 months going out to the driving range a couple times a week, working on my swing.  I've taken lessons as well.  As inconsistent as my swing is, I'm focusing on just hitting every other iron (3, 5, 7, 9) for now.   Does anyone here ever play without a full set of clubs?
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