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Phil is not only a great golfer, hes a great person. He is awesome to his fans, and he acknowledges their existence (unlike Tiger). He has the best short game of all time. Period. The best left hander of all time. Not to deal in hypotheticals but imagine if he had one just half of those US Opens he got 2nd in. It would be a top 5 convo. I believe Phil will win 3 more majors. A US Open, and a Masters, and a PGA.
adam scott - 8 phil mickelson -4
I find myself being bored to death with a lot of golf announcers stating the obvious. I agree that BC can be overly negative and condescending when referencing other players that have had more success than he has, that being said: I have no problem with Chamblee because even though i might not always agree with his opinion, I respect the fact that he always has one that he stands by and believes in it. Thats better than nothing, makes for good TV.
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