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River Greens Golf Course in West Lafayette is good. Has anyone played there?
my dad already golfs. he shoots in the mids 80s for 18. hes the one that started me on golf last year  
i didnt really get weared out, it was just my feet hurted real bad. Im mainly worried about getting embaressed on the course. Im real good friends with every one on our golf team though
I joined my high school golf team yesterday, and we played 18 holes and it was pretty fun but very tiring. What my problem is im afraid to golf in matches because im not very good. One day ill shoot 55 for 9 then the next go out and shoot 70. Very inconsistent. And im not aloud to quit. Can you help me out or give me advice? Im also afraid that i wont get to see my family that much when we have matches and practice. I just need some encourgament or advice please!
Is Oak Shadows any good? i live 30 minutes away from New Philly but never played there.
i honestly dont know how people accuse us as being cheaters when you have the SEC, the biggest cheaters in the world. We were playing the same guys that were legible the year before. Its not like we illegally recruited them. They got free Tattoos!!! Cam Newton accepts 250k, Oregon were using special scouting services, UNC had some severe violations, Penn State lets their assistant rape little kids, the SEC lets the players smoke pot all day long, and Miamis booster gave...
haha nice try. I want to know who you root for? I think someone might be a little butt hurt that we got Urban.
thats what im planning on doing! lol. but im worried about my swing
Any ideas to keep fresh? Im going to golf for the high school team in august and i want to be ready for that. Ill get back around July 10-15. Ive recently been struggling but i think i found a fix and saw immediate improvement. Ill be in Myrtle Beach for 4 days and Charlotte, NC the rest of the time.
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