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Dude, are you TRULY this stupid??? LOL I specifically posted what the USGA uses to rate clubs since 2003...after COR was deemed obsolete....if you had HALF a freakin mind, you'd actually look it up and SEE that the COR gauge was eliminated since 2003...but all clubs judged on it (by that time are still maintaining their conformance standards). I realize that you do not like to be corrected in public and will delete this post because you are a self centered coward and...
Look up rules more recent than 2003 cowboy...and at the same time look up pendulum testing... Okay, I was rounding the numbers...Nitrogen accounts for 78.08% of the air we breath.....The heads are NOT pressurized...I have worked with many of them, re shafting and removing particulate in them...and I can assure you they are not pressurized.Like all heads we receive, they have been measured, tested for everything from face and body material to MOI...and there is nothing...
psst! The USGA hasn't used COR guidelines for years now.......
+1 You will find that lofts will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.
Don't blame the club fitter for that...... A club fitter dials in clubs to the swing of the player.......the fact that the player here decided to change his swing later on is not the fitters problem. Do you blame the clothes fitter for pants he made after you decided to loose 4 inches off the waist?
Without seeing and being able to put you in front of our launch monitor, I can assume you are experiencing the normal effects of so many. Look, when you swing smoothly, you're hitting balls nice...so we KNOW it is not equipment related problem. The problem most likely is, when people try to hit hard, they "muscle up"...and that tension actually SLOWS DOWN your swing speed...now you are slicing. Relax....swing smooth, build confidence and enjoy.
It would be impossible to recommend a shaft without knowing your swing..... Any suggestions without .knowing your speed, tempo, SF, AOI, location...etc would be a disservice to you
I believe you are referring to the EVOLUTION irons....a progressive iron set up... The clubs are great...we have been a KZG dealer for 8 years....but most likely will discontinue, like so many other dealers, due to their attitude and way they treat their dealers. They are well made products....but you should be warned that all the support they talk about, may be gone, or harder to get as days go by.
Great post.....bottom line we are all unique ...in size....force...strength.....style....etc....to even THINK that an OEM can produce a club or clubs for mass usage really indicates stupidity.
A bigger head does NOT cause increased distance. I totally agree...and to take it a step further, we have found that by using a slightly smaller head 420-430cc, using quality material, allows greater manipulation of weight within the head to create a true players head and distance. COOL! Glad to hear! You did a few good things ya probably didn't know..... The head of the 425 vs the Burner are about 8 gms difference.....this caused your shaft to flex a bit more (which...
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