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I'm the same way...I probably have too much stuff in the bag...but just as soon as I don't I need something I left behind. Pocket 1 - reserved for wallet, watch, car keys, and wedding ring Pocket 2 - FULL of tees Pocket 3 - extra towels, couple of training aids Pocket 4 - ball markers, gloves, sharpies, extra cleats for shoes, driver wrench Pocket 5 - balls Pocket 6 - rain suit Pocket 7 - Advil, gum, sunscreen, spare change Pocket 8 - 2 bottles of water
Didnt mean to open a can of worms, but thanks for the all the great replies...will surely help me decide on how i will handle this in the future
This is exactly what i have recently learned about myself.  Having to completely retool......  when i hit it right it is effortless and feels like a 50% swing, but its really my 100%
I have an etiquette question regarding pace of play..... i tend to play alone a lot, and with little traffic ahead of me get thru 18 in around three hours and 15 mins....if nobody at all is in front of me i can usually knock another 15-30 mins off of that.....well ahead of the acceptable pace of play.   That said i seem to end up in situations alot where i end up with a player, or twosome that seem to be ALWAYS right on my tail or on the tee box by the time im...
I spend about 8 weeks a year in Orlando, and call HIghland Reserve my "home" course while im there.  There are some people who are not a fan of it, but it suits my preferred overall vibe.  Not too expensive, set in a quiet neighborhood, and not too upscale feeling.   Last week I did play the Magnolia at Disney and have to say that the whole operation there is top notch (would you expect anything less from Disney?)  Beautiful, perfectly maintained...
Amen...blow up holes kill my confidence more than anything..... i posted a 93 two weeks ago (Second lowest round ever) but it didnt take a genius to realize i could have very easily been in the mid 80s if i could saved the triples. (one penalty shot off tee, and too many chips, and one 3 putt)   Frustrating.... but i try to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
For me confidence is everything.....if I have a decent first tee shot, first hole..... it tends to put me on a pretty decent path for the day.....  where i struggle the most is "blow up" holes......which through a lot of hard work a blow-up hole for me is now an 8 (used to be a 10) hahah....  but i really struggle with letting it go and moving on....and it tends to destroy my rounds....  Last week i was playing a course id never played before and was +7 thru the 1st 8...
96...which is a good avg score for me...71.3/115....but I didn't feel good about it...didnt feel like I played that well. Stupid mistakes, mostly mental...need to dig harder in that dept.
This is where I'm at currently (RBZ woods, BurnerPlus irons) but I am looking at upgrading my irons to the AP1's. Yesterday I was hitting the vokey 58* 100 yds and the ap1 6i nearly 170 yds (when hit well). Lighter/shorter shafts....so obviously I'm gonna have to re-gap from the ground up. Driver - 220-240 3W - 200-220 5W- 200-210 5H - 185 5i - 170 6i - 160 7i - 150 8i - 140 9i - 130 PW - 120 AW - 90-110 SW - 50-75 LW - 40-60
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