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Does anyone know or have a comment on what the top OEM's use these days?
I adjust/repair/build clubs for Country Clubs around here and "Even" the club pros have me adjust there free OEM irons stronger..... I assume to impress someone.
Longer, what do you think.....maybe 1/2"
Where are they getting that from ?? adjusting the loft standard ?
What would the legal length be ---- how long can be legal?
Yes, all 3 are 37".
I have 20*, 25*, 35* Maltby utility heads that I shafted up the same with steel @ 37" and has really helped me at my age (of which) is senior for sure :-)
Note: I found a nice article that explains it @   http://blog.hirekogolf.com/2009/11/simple-method-of-measurement-for-golf-club-bounce/   Later jay
No one has ever explained bounce to me !!   I'd love to know how to check my wedges?
Thanks, the link at Dick's had the specs needed.
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