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What would the legal length be ---- how long can be legal?
Yes, all 3 are 37".
I have 20*, 25*, 35* Maltby utility heads that I shafted up the same with steel @ 37" and has really helped me at my age (of which) is senior for sure :-)
Note: I found a nice article that explains it @   http://blog.hirekogolf.com/2009/11/simple-method-of-measurement-for-golf-club-bounce/   Later jay
No one has ever explained bounce to me !!   I'd love to know how to check my wedges?
Thanks, the link at Dick's had the specs needed.
Thanks, I'll look into the options.
I can't seem to find loft/lie on these clubs.
I want to help a friend replace the steel shafts in his eye 2 irons to fiber, I have a nice set of Mercury performance plus shafts to use, other than me reaming out the hosels to .370 ==   Do you have any advice for me ??
I agree   Geeze, I like this forum !!
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