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Thanks for the info on the course. I'll look it up...
I've got to go back to footjoys...classics dry premier, classic tour, dryjoy pro, and the contour series are great shoes out of the box...just make sure you know your size and width (the latter being very important). The are a bit more cost wise, but they will last and are comfortable. I have several Nike SP series, while stylish are not as comfortable. The difference in quality is noticeable. I have had no experience with TW versions yet so I can't really comment on...
I play with a Bill, but he's just bald...not a retard. What makes your Billy a "retard."
If you've played the Babes on a regular basis...you probably have seen me there. We usually play first thing in the morning Saturday or Sunday. I'm the short Filipino guy smoking cigars.
Yes...it's a shame that USF GC (The Claw) isn't in better shape. I play a lot of golf in Tampa...Babes Zaharias, Westchase, Heritage Isles, Heritage Harbor, etc... My group likes to go to Orlando, too. We are playing OCN (Orange County National) this weekend.
Checking in...been here since 1985 (sophomore year @ USF - University of Sun and Fun).
+1 You definately have to give the course some credit. All 4 rounds the last 3 holes were pretty tough on everyone, even Tiger (I think he had a bogey on 18th 3 out of the 4 rounds). Add that the pressure of a Sunday with Tiger in the lead, then more than likely Tiger wins.
Golf is supposed to be fun for the average joe and life is too short to take a bad shot seriously.
Footjoys (Classics and MyJoys) all the way baby...comfort out of the box.
I agree...Mr. Palmer's personality, play, and good looks really made TV viable in golf and vice versa. Without TV, the growth and popularity of golf would not be where it is today (even with its warts). Mr. Palmer was the perfect steward of the sport when TV came into golf. If Nicklaus came in at the same time as Palmer (even though talent wise he was better), I don't think he would have propelled golf in TV as much as Palmer. PLUS...what would I do without the Golf...
New Posts  All Forums: