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Thanks for all the info on here! I have used this slower swing a couple of days now and shot a 37-39 yesterday (was unsure of total score because of all lost balls due to leaves) and a 42 today (9 on par 5 because of hook into trees that I found and could not get out!) but I am getting a little longer with my drives also by hitting the sweet spot more often! had about a 280 yard drive down the middle and hit 5/7 FIR.
ok this is what I had a feeling about I never had good results trying to hit it at 4. Thanks for all the info!
I have heard that at impact your swing plane should be hitting at the 4 o'clock on the ball ( a clock around the ball when looking down at setup) When I do this I feel like the swing is more in-to-out. Is this just a feeling because i am so used to an out to in swing?
I also look in center of the ball never thought about it really but that is where i focus. I have helped some of my friends who was not hitting down on the ball by making them focus on hitting an imaginary ball in front of their ball. If they had to steep of a swing it did cause a top sometimes, but in general it hleped them understand hitting down on the ball more.
  I think this is my problem too and probably why I hit better swinging slower.
I believe that the rest of my game is pretty solid, probably not the best by any means but even if I am spraying shots everywhere my highest score is usually 84 and when I am hitting good hitting more FIR and GIR scores are 74-79. There is always room  to improve but I dont believe that my game is suffering from any one single part but obviously when I hit FIR and GIR
when I was swinging faster I was hitting drives between 280-290 but definetly less accurate.
I have been noticing lately that when I swing slower that my timing is more on, I hit it straighter and when I miss hit it, it still is not to bad of a shot. With my irons I do not hit them much shorter maybe 5 to 10 yards. with my driver I and 3 wood I notice a much more distance loss. driver goes about 250-260 and 3 wood probably around 220 (guessing).   Questions that I have is: would I be able to become scratch golfer (big goal of mine) with driver going only...
  Yeah well first of all about that I can say I have never really tried to find out how long my 3 wood goes, I have used it for the 220-230 par 3s and were able to hit them pretty good so that was my guess, but havent really hit it down the fairway to see how far it goes. and I am not sure about PW to 3wood but thats just what it does. could be because my 3 wood is an old calaway steel head.
I keep mine open, all but that one swing the other day when i had a little chunky 3 wood and mud went right in my eye, then I was forced to close them lol
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