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Ahhh man, just so sad.
It's stupid. Now, I don't mind it as long as it applies, ie the player hits a put that seems to be tracking or a chip that is on line, etc. But yelling this when a player hits a tee shot is just dumb.
The golfer... They may rely on the caddy but that doesn't mean they can't figure out what to hit, etc on their own. There's a reason the golfer is the golfer and the caddy is, uhhh, not. And you're assuming the caddy is a near scratch player.
Wow. Such harsh comments. I just don't see the big deal. Did I read the wrong article? I have to admit, when I read the title I was expecting much worse than that. For entertainment purposes, it was a bit of a let down Sure, it wasn't a nice thing to say and this is a gentleman's game. But Tiger Woods is golf and let's just say he's not the biggest gentleman.
Yep, exactly. That kid acted/said no worse than Tiger does on any given day.
yeah, but people were saying that about Clark after he squandered chance after chance. I still think it'll happen for Westwood. Maybe not a major, I don't know, but definitely a notable PGA event. Congrats to Clark. Was nice to see him finally pull through.
And here I was thinking the Masters was my favorite tournament to watch. The back 9 on Sunday is always exciting. I get "that feeling" every time it starts, being the first major and all. Matter of fact, I don't think I've ever talked to anyone who didn't have the Masters rated in their top 2. Some prefer the British, some love watching the tough conditions at the US Open but everyone I've talked to has put the Masters after their Open of choice. PGA would be the one...
I've got a AP1 PW & GW and old Cleveland 588 Gunmetal 56 and 60. The 60 is in great shape but the 56 is way past it's prime. Have been contemplating switching to Vokeys but I've got higher priorities right now.
Was going to post this anyways but the "Scotty Cameron Family" thread has me even more curious. How would you rank these 5? Is the Studio Select the best? I like the Newport 2 head or the #3 in the Circa 62. What would be your best Cameron OTR putter ever made? 1. Studio Select 2. Studio Style 3. Studio Stainless 4. Pro Platinum 5. Circa 62
I've got a Studio Style Newport 2 that I'm using right now. Aside from a mini slump not too long ago I've been putting well with it. Still, I'm contemplating a change to either; Studio Select, Studio Stainless, maybe a Circa #3 or something older if I can find it, like a Pro Platinum. I like the Newport 2 head.
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