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Thank you all for your responses.   I was in the Pro Shop yesterday and had my first look at the G25 hybrid and was quite surprised as to how small the head was. I will have a trial with it and see how I get on.   Stuart
Hi there.   I should be grateful if anyone who is currently using a Ping G25 Hybrid, could give a rating  out of 10 for the following:-   -  Off the tee   -  From the fairway   -  From the rough   -  Ease of launch   -  Straightness   Many thanks,   Stuart
I traded in my 12 degree G15 for a 12 degree G20. I have only had one round with the G20 but what was obvious was that it was incredibly easy to get the ball off the tee and I seemed to be hitting more fairways than I previously did with the G15. I believe that this is due to the clubhead being more square at address.   STUART
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