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Sort of new to the area, any good, non-expensive golf courses that you would recommend?
I hate to sound like a broken record since I am new to this board. But I was introduced to KZG Custom Proline by a fitter back in Pennsylvania as I am from the New Jersey area. I now go with the new Forged MA-1 iron series. I had the OC-2s which is a cast iron which I fell in love with. But there really is no comparing forged and cast irons. Now that I have some money saved up, I decided to upgrade and go with the forged. The MAs are a nice look and perform pretty well....
I agree that a more in depth fitting would benefit you greatly!
You should have gone with the new M-series from KZG. Affordable forged irons and I have to tell you..SPECTACULAR! Maybe it was just a lucky day, but the clubs felt great and I made some great hits. I know they are not sold everywhere, they are selective as to who they sell to according to my fitter. They make sure the fitters they are selling to have the latest technology and years of expierience. Also if you were looking forcast irons, the OC-II are nice and...
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