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I'm working on this:     and this:  
Agree with the scepticism/disbelief over the ensuing downswing naturally assuming the correct path and plane.  Golf is never that easy!  He advocates right foot drawn back at set up (knees, hips, shoulders square).  Presumably that is to help promote the shallowing of the club and the more inside path on the downswing?  But that can't be all it takes to make it happen automatically though!
I should also add, no, i don't think the swing shirt helps with extension/keeping the arms straight.  That's what i'm using the 'keep right arm straight' swing key for - i need to do this consciously as the swing shirt won't promote this.  I think the swing shirt helps with other things that might be useful, such as connection, not allowing the elbows to seperate. Just a new thing to try at the range in my attempts to improve!
   I purchased it about a year ago, practised with it a lot, but it didn't work for me so i stopped using it.I just thought it might work in conjunction with this particular swing thought, so after not using it for a while i'm giving it another chance.I wouldn't recommend it on my experiences so far, but i guess if this combination works for me i will change my mind.
I tried this thought (keep the right arm straight in the backswing) whilst wearing the Golf Swing Shirt at the driving range today.  Hit some good shots and some bad ones.  I'll try it next time as the things it's supposed to help with are issues in my swing.  I like that it's supposed to promote good, early turning of the shoulders (which i don't do), to stop the clubhead getting whipped inside early and under plane in the takeaway and twisted open (which i do), and to...
  Exactly.  That's my point.  Both player's swing repeats.  The difference is, Furyk's swing dynamics are sensational (certainly in the downswing and through impact) whereas the "24-handicapper"'s swing is poor.The teacher was giving his student false information and false hope, which is a hindrince to any hope of improvement.
I once overheard an instructor say this to a pupil of his who looked, being generous, a 24 handicapper:  "Your technique is better than Jim Furyk.  The difference is, his swing repeats.  That's the only difference."   My heart sank and i was actually quite appalled.  Why patronise someone?  Why give them false information, false hope?
Would this drill utilising an aiming stick promote the same movements as iacas' tripod drill in the opening post?     My upper body tends to lift up as i reach the top of my backswing and my right heel comes off the ground right at the start of my downswing!  Farcical scenes.
Does shortening the shaft by 1/2 an inch really make a difference with accuracy and ability to find the sweet spot?  1/2 an inch is about a 1% decrese in shaft length.  Seems like such a tiny change.
Thanks mvmac.   I am aware of those top of backswing clubface positions and their relationship to the left wrist but my problem is i don't understand why the sky-facing clubface is considered closed and the toe hanging down clubface is considered open. 
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