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Thanks westpenn. I know exactly what you're talking about regarding the squat, or lowering move. I'll surely add that. Just not yet though. This take49 video was just me wanting to try what I've been analyzing for the past week. I've been super-micro analyzing Hogan iron swings; My brain understands what the movements are, so I wanted to see what my brain would tell my body. I'll play around with the advanced stuff a little more, but then it's back to my foundational...
Take 49 - Advanced Experiments - 1-7-13    I shouldn't even be thinking about any of this advanced stuff, but the BCS game got boring so i had to find something to help pass the time away. Figured i'd do a few early experiments. Oh well, advanced experiment was fun.......back to the elementary drills tomorrow.  
  I don't have a performance goal. Don't care about ball flight, distance, trajectory, scoring, etc. I just want to see if it is possible to teach one's self how to do something different. Same as learning a new dance by watching someone else. Or learning a new language by listening to someone else. When you were 3 years old, you were learning things through observation and you didn't even realize it.    So, in this case, I'm just a 5' 7"  3-year old with a set of...
Take 48 - Custom Swing Drill - 1-5-13   00:00 to 00:30 is reg speed. 00:34 to 4:20 is slow mo.   Working with the SW on one of my new custom swing drills. My favorite drill so far. Can't give any details about it yet cause I haven't finalized the whole thing. Still tweaking it.  
Take 47 - Introducing irons...SW and 2iron - 12-31-12   00:00 to 3:04 is reg speed. 4:33 to end is slow mo.   This iron stuff is veeeeeeewy stwaaaaaaaange compared to a 5-wood. The SW weight is way different. I'm real close and bent over the ball. The 2iron head feels too light. I must have shanked 30 balls into that black bag sitting in front of the monitor. Couldn't figure out why it was happening, then I remembered that I have to address the irons...
Lol, sorry bout that. But that was the best part of the vid. Swing is bad. Getting dressed is good. And thank you sir or ma'am for taking the time to do that math for us.
Understood. No offense taken. This project is a basic test of observational learning. Is it possible to teach the body to do an entirely unknown movement using video analysis and repetitive training? How close can I come to Hogan’s golf swing? This has nothing to do with a handicap. 
Jason,  Please provide your definition of a good golfer.
Thanksgiving day practice. Going through the motions.
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