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What gram shaft do you use? In what flex? What brand shaft? What is your driver swing speed?
Right pocket: 1 tee and my ball marker Left pocket: glove when putting *I dont like to have much in my pockets...I dont like when they buldge
right now leaning with the mp60's with the rifle flighted shafts...either 6 or 6.5
what did you end up deciding?
Has anybody hit this shaft? I have been demo-ing the new Nike Sumo with the Proto stiff shaft. I really like it, but am thinking of ordering the 75 or 85 gram shaft. I whip the 65g around like it is a wet noodle. (110mph driver speed) I am trying to decide whether to order the the 85 or 75 in stiff, or maybe jump to the X-stiff. My only concern with the X is that I will lower my launch angle too much... Any thoughts?
A little update: I have been struggling trying to decide what irons to buy...My situation is the same...I am shooting high 80's, but just joined a club with an amazing practice facility. So, I should really be able to improve my game going forward. I am hitting some older MP-33's, and I am getting better with them...my main issue is my DRIVING. I am not wanting to buy a improvement iron (like the G5) and wish I had another set in a few months... I think I can...
any others have any experience with either the Rifle Project X shaft or the Flighted Rifle shaft?
thanks for the link
I am leaning towards Mizuno's for my next set. I am currently playing a friends old set of MP-33's. I am not good enough to hit them consistent every shot, but still manage to shoot around 90. My main issue is driving though, so I am wondering if the MP-60's will offer me a little more forgiveness? I really enjoy the setup, look, and feel of the Mizuno's. I once was around a 10 index, and I am wanting to work back down...can I handle the 60's?
Ok...I am about to order a set of Mizuno MP-60's and I am leaning very heavily towards upgrading the shafts to the Rifle Project X shaft. I am needing a little feedback on how the Rifle shafts are measured. I am right in between a stiff and x-stiff in the Dynamic Golf shaft, so by default, I have been playing the stiff. I hit my 6 iron around 180-190. I have a high swing speed. (Driver-110mph) I am thinking I would need either the 6.0 or the 6.5...any...
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