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+1 for women's clubs, as long as he either doesn't mind or know. My first set were women's and I had no clue.
That looks awesome! I used to wait on a couple of guys who told me they had played in an outing and a couple holes were played at night. Sounds like a blast to me.
I entered!
Older pic of my car. Just paid it off a couple months ago!
A buddy of mine posted up pictures on his Facebook of a little night tournament they did at a course down here. Looked like a lot of fun being able to hit balls at night.
That's amazing, I have never heard of that. Where did y'all play?
I was fortunate enough to play twice this week with my dad. We did the same thing y'all did and ditched the scorecard and tried impossible shots and had a really great time.
I would imagine it would. On your backswing, your right arm may "chicken wing" causing a slice. An instructor I saw helped me keep my right arm closer to my body and it helped my slice considerably. You just need to keep the towel from falling.
I have a pair of Oakley Gascans that I wear everyday. I wear them to the course and the 1st tee, but they get too hot and don't breathe well. I may put them on if we are teeing off into the sun, but other than that they are off. I'd like to find a pair of sport specific ones though.
Not sure exactly how long they are, but my oakley shorts hang pretty far over my knees. I'm only 5'8 though. Maybe they'll fall higher up for you.
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