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Makes a huge difference, IMO though if you are going to shorten your driver to 45" or less, I think you are better off to either choke down a touch on regular length driver or just hit 3 wood off the tee. 
What do you guys think of the redesigned course?  Majority of players seem to hate it, will be cool when it goes to Crooked Stick next year
I played the 20X1-X vs Pro V1x and Callaway iz Tour and found the 20X1-X to be the longest of the bunch, on average about 7 yards longer (with ProV1x then iz Tour).  Just my opinion but the 20X1-X feels much harder around the green than the ProV1x or the iz Tour, sounded harsh hitting putts with it.  I think around the greens is a matter of opinion, so if you are looking for distance off the tee, definitely give the 20X1-X a try, I have not tried the 20X1-S version yet...
I think Ping bags are the best if you carry and walk, the C-1 4 under is really light and has plenty of pockets and storage and it looks nice too.
Totally agree, it just seems many default to driver off the tee without even thinking about it.  Even on long par 5's, if you are not going to get on in two, go ahead and keep the 1st one in play with a 3 wood or hybrid and then lay up to a nice yardage.  
nice, i have been stuck in mid-80's at best, usually around 90.  usually have an ob tee ball that does me in, need to clean that up.
New Posts  All Forums: