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Three  Powerbilt Citation blades 2-9  Titleist 710 Ap1 4-w Taylormade TP MC 4-p    I owned some mp 59s and 69s sold them though I cry thinking about it.
Irons Taylormade TP MC 4-p kbs c taper 1100 Driver Taylormade burner superfast 2.0  tp 399 Hybrid Taylormade Rescue 11 190 Titleist 910h 220  Wedges Cobra trusty rusty 360 putter Yes! callie 12 170  3 wood Adams Speedline Fast 12 200 Bag Srixon Lightweight, not released yet 300   Total New 3893 Value now based on pga value guide for resale  Irons 354.09 driver 74.26 hybrid rescue 11 41.20 hybrid 910h 65.88 wedges 37.94 x2 putter 54.48 3...
Update, I had Mizuno MP 59 69 combo set, loved them, but no confidence. I finally settled on Taylormade MC forged, perfect amount of forgiveness. 
Ok so the R1 and RBZ stage 2 have been out for about 4 months, and there is already a 100 price drop, are they trying to move product to make room for the new super long g force driver or something. I am tired of their marketing crap. I play the burner 2.0 because I liked the white. The r11 wasn't super gimmicky, but to tell me that the RBZ stage 2 should give me 27 more yards over my burner superfast 2.0, Is complete rubbish, did anyone else find this sale alarming. 
I use a pink gatorade towel. Sadly, they are only available in september/october/ They are about 18" x 42"
I can then have non conforming grooves.
To gain more spin, and have the same feel through my wedges.
My current wedge set up is 48* titleist ap1 pitching wedge then 52 56 60 wedges
Ok, I have been looking at the pros and cons of removing my pitching wedge, and replacing it with a 48* wedge. It will give me the same feel, but I worry I might loose yardage.
I have new Cleveland wedge with rotex grooves coming for testing, it is the 588 rtx. Will let you know when testing is done.
New Posts  All Forums: