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I'm in town for a few days and was wondering what I should play in either Austin or San Antonio? Looking for a really good track!
Thanks guys! Ive played Miami Springs and ti be honest, its not very good. A Muni at best. Greens were horrible. It was a dump... For an extra $20, I ended up playing the Club at Emerald Hills and that place is amazing! And tough!
So im down in Miami and was thinking of trying Miami beach golf club. The rate this time of year is $100. I have played Biltmore and Crandon. Crandon is tough and great layout but this time of year greens were pretty beat up. Biltmore is okay. Has anyone played Miami Beach Golf Club, is worth the $100 or should I look elswhere? Ive heard so many negative reviews of the Blue Monster, so not really interested in dropping $$ to play there.
I'm sorry, wasn't trying to be a jerk, but my post came out that way. I understand where the video is coming from but IMO if I was a high handicapper and If I could make the game more enjoyable with a couple clicks, I would.
There is nothing wrong with adjusting the face angle to get the desired ball flight. Im a 4 and having it set to 11.25 degrees. If I was a 27 handicap I would adjust the hell out of it!
Thanks guys! I'm heading to the PGA Championship and then will play next week!  
Heading down and looking to play a couple courses. Any suggestions on where to play? Private included.
  Ridiculous is based on each individuals interpretation... To say it's "ridiculous" shows how self centered your comments are. I mean one can say it's ridiculous to pay $1,000 for a cross bow, but if he or she is into archery and can afford it, it's not ridiculous to them.  And your other comment cracks me up to, that there is nothing about playing golf at Pebble that you can't get at dozens of other courses...again the other courses don't have the history, multiple US...
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