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What's up, Landon.
BTW, I currently have Cobra Bio Cell irons in my bag along with a Cleveland 60 degree wedge but don't have pictures yet.
I am 5'11" and use a 33" putter. Lie angle is 70 degrees.
These Grand Hawk irons are from Diamond Tour Golf and are much like Callaway models from a few years ago.  Irons are standard length, but lie adjustments are 2 degree upright.  Shafts are DT Lite (a Diamond Tour shaft) in Stiff flex.  Grips are standard DTG velvet.  I had used some lead tape in the cavities to get swingweights up to about D2.  I just don't need these sitting around not getting used any more.   I am willing to consider reasonable offers, but please keep...
The MOI of the Bobby Grace is great, but the biggest negative for me is the lack of audible feedback. The insert is just so quiet. I may need to compare the Method Core to my Heavy Putter soon.
Right now, I'm between a Nike Method Core Weighted MC02W and Bobby Grace AMG Triumph. Need to play more consistently again to figure out which works best for me.
Pics to go with the details in my sig.
I used to hate fairway woods until I got my Maltby KE4 ST-F with XCalibur shaft.  This FW just works for me.  Some days, I can't seem to hit it (my fault), but other days I absolutely kill it.  In a recent round, I was very inconsistent with Driver, so I started using my 3-Wood, and that was a good day with the 3W.  I don't normally use my FW for second shots unless I feel like the hole is very open just in case I don't hit it perfectly.  Regardless, this is easily the...
I've ordered from Gigagolf in the past. Overall, the product quality seems fine. However, I came to the realization they did not build the irons to the specs I had ordered. They basically sent me a standard set when I had ordered less than standard length and 2 degree upright lie adjustment. They took the clubs back and did the work, so their customer service is fine. In short, my only suggestion is to make sure they actually built the clubs to your specs. Another company...
I will work on getting the pics posted directly in the thread. I also forgot to mention this is 44.5", but I added a heavier weight to get the swing weight around D2.
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