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I've used GolfWorks clubs for years now. Currently, I have a KE4 V Driver, ST-F 3 Wood, and KE4 SS1 irons in my bag. Always been good quality stuff.
I guess Dunham's isn't just a golf store, but I bought a golf glove on sale and a container with a brush for cleaning my clubs on the course when they get too dirty.
GolfWorks is always great. Most of my clubs are still from them.
I don't care for the large cigars because they take too long to smoke. I think I could enjoy a few Havana Ovals during a round, though.
I took a lesson at Golf Galaxy, and the instructor showed me my swing in slow motion video. Then he showed me Ernie Els's swing. Anyway, with some practice to work on what I learned, I felt the lesson was very helpful.
I know you didn't ask for other suggestions, but I quite like my Inazone CB1 from Diamond Tour Golf. They have other wedges with CNC milled faces as well, and they have great customer service. I would suggest calling them and being specific about what you're looking for.
  I hear ya there.
Welcome!  I'm sure the weather will take some getting used to, but there are some pretty good courses to enjoy.  May Spring come soon...
Welcome to the forum.  You named some pretty nice courses there.  I'm in a league at Bent Tree, and I live pretty close to Apple Valley and Chapel Hill.   Spring is coming...  
  I know what you mean about that itch.  This is the time of year where I have to focus on college football bowl games and Buckeye basketball.   Here are a couple recommendations: http://www.fourseasonsgolfcenter.com/ (indoor golf dome) http://www.ablesgolf.com/  (they have some heated stalls)   Dennon, sorry I didn't see your post until now.  Perhaps next year some of us can get together for a round.
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