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Our club had no choice but to suspend them. It was either that or death.
Prices obviously vary greatly depending upon regions, and even within a region. There are clubs here with $40 to $50k initiations, but my club was waiving up until this year, and it's only $275/mo as an under forty member. The kicker is our course is a better track than the others, but not in the area of town that can command that kind of coin.
Yep. Most clubs around here don't even take tee times, even on weekend mornings. You just show up, and find a game and go. Compared to the typical Saturday morning at a public course where the tee sheet is jammed up with groups every 7 minutes.
That's pretty cheap actually, unless the course is really not very nice at all. Don't rely on pictures on a website though.
The enjoyment level at private clubs exceeds anything at even the nicest of public courses. You know everyone, they know you, the greens aren't a plinko board, which is common on even high end publics. People really care about the course and it's condition. There aren't corporate outings filling up half the week. There are constant leagues, tourneys, etc. There is actually grass on all the tee boxes in August, rather than a mine field of divots. There are no idiot hackers...
Faster than bentgrass??? Please inform me, becuase I was under the impression that bentgrass is pretty much the only thing you can use for greens in northern climates. Plus bentgrass greens are the fastest you can probably get. There is a reason that Augusta tried putting in bent greens, even though they it's way too hot down there for that.
Oh and as for the mower...i think there are "cheap" for home putting green mowers that you can buy for about $1,500. A real one that a course would use would be in the $6-$10k range.   The best option if you actually go through with this is to contact golf courses and try to buy one of theirs used.
I looked into this at one point, but found out that it is a giant PITA. The amount of upkeep that they require to have anything decent is quite extensive and all consuming. Everyone I talked to that had done it told me to not do it, and get one of the artificial ones instead.   As far the type of grass....a decent bentrass is what you have to go with.
    Yeah, it's a pretty good deal...they just took their annual membership and divided it up by 12....as a lot of people I guess said they could swing it easier that way. They did ask for a 6 month commitment, and if you quit over the winter and joined back up in the spring, you have to pay for all the off months. I'm going to likely be moving by this fall anyway, so that won't matter to me. As I said, it's a nice public course....but also pretty busy. Yes, I can always...
I play by myself frequently very early on weekends...there are a couple other guys that do the same....usually around 6:30am. There is one guy I always let go first becuase he FLYS.....like 1:30 for 18 holes. I usually play in about 2 hours...sometimes 2.5 if I slow down and play extra balls. I like to play quick, but not so fast where it's just run up and hit it and repeat....don't get good results if I don't at least take a few seconds to size up a shot. That said,...
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