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Why are you guys still feeding him material? Not worth the time or effort.  
Yeah, I can see that now that you "mention" it.... But the context is kind of meshed together in a way that its hard to tell when the sarcasm ends and the criticism of the "sarcastically represented figure" begins.....
  This coming from a guy who obviously thinks his smells like cherries... Oh, and for a 1 handicapper, you are awfully bad at hitting greens on Par 3s................. Suggests that you really are the shit.... except, you're the one that stinks.  
  At some point, when I finally get my consistency up with my driver I am going to go to a facility with one of those machines and take a bunch of swings... hehe.
In fact, I have to revise my prior statement... Distances on the course are better than on the range... Hadn't been to the range for a little bit and I forgot how beat up and sun baked the balls are... and they're also practice balls... Anyways, to the point of the quoting you... hehe... I've always had strong Popeye forearms, but lately my right forearm is having a bit of a tennis elbow like problem. It doesn't seem to affect the swing, and stretching makes it...
  hehehe that's funny.... Although I doubt it, as the odds of someone putting it into the hole on demand are extremely small from even 130 yards, that insurance policy probably wasn't all that expensive. I know.... I'm being a buzz kill
  With respect to your last parenthetical.... I never get much of a feeling of confidence or any real data on distances on a range. Its bloody pointless to me for anything other than whether or not I've got the shanks and how to fix it. The course is the only place where I can learn distances with any reliability. So that rings quite true. I'm collecting data thus far, and sooner or later I'll have some statistical averages, but it takes time on the course. I think my...
A lot of noise can be distracting. It is why Women's tennis is so impossible to watch anymore. All the grunting and shrieking they do to throw off their competitors is getting worse and its annoying.
Arguing politics is like walking into a door expecting that at that very moment all of your atoms will perfectly align their electrons with the door so that you may pass straight on through. It is about that useless. And, by the way, the probability of walking through a door or wall is NOT zero....... Just really really really close.
One of my Great Uncles said, "You don't need expensive golf clubs to play well." Why? Because top of the line golf clubs in the hands of the normal golfer is no different than 8 year old golf clubs. Or, taken more properly, expensive golf clubs won't make you a better golfer than less expensive clubs..... It applies to all clubs. Get two golfers together who are equal in skill. One buys a 300 dollar driver, the other got a 3 generations old Driver for 100...
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