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this is really immature, but i love having fun on the course.   but other than that. my wife's golfs with me from time to time. one round everything we said was sexual.   truly a funny round of golf... love to ease tension out there!  lots of "that's what she said"  
i know your feeling.  I often have very bad moments in my round and get aggravated just because  i know i can do a-lot better!  What happened during this round that was so bad?  tempo off, bad drives? give us something!
I read a post on here about posture and been doing all the fundamentals. ohhhh and on my drive the ball is in front of my lead foot... alot of guys thinks that's weird.  works for me so SHHHHH haha
After deployments i become un-motivated not to work out alot. but when i notice any change i get back to it hard!.... i LOVE crossfit, and  palieo diet!  i do lots so mid- long runs and lots of core and moderate weights when I'm not crossfit-ing.  my real motivation is a quote that a old leader gave me "never let them have the satisfaction"  and i help everyone around me get motivated about anything they need.   
i got my Cobra Amp shortened 1 full inch today.  i was hitting the sweat spots 4 out of 5 times today.  but i was choking down on it.  my RBZ 3 wood was shortened 3/4 inch   and my burner irons 1/2 inch.  im 5'5''  im stoked!  i cant wait to see and feel the improvements...
i tried everything at dicks and the best deal breaker and very comfy putter was the Scottsdale Mesquite.  very great club
great tip!  i keep thinking when i get aggravated  at shots i forgot the posture and where my shoulder points.  another point to remember on Saturday!  cheers
hey man,   i agree with the above statement.  if you realize you really love playing the game,  go out and buy a set of dick's basic clubs.  i got a set of Walter Hagens for like 150 and started upgrading them.  i got a set of    Burner Irons i LOVE!!  I'v been playing with them for a while and im getting them tuned before my next round!   Make sure you find the right clubs for you!  let us know what your thinking    ohh and right now Dick's has great deals right...
  i joined a while ago, iv been playing for about 2 years just about a game a week.  i have a set of Taylor Made burner irons with a 4/5 hybrid.  i love the clubs.  A guy i play with has the same clubs and got them tuned and such  and told me to get them tuned.  im a high handicaper and am playing between 110-120.  The guy said it's a great idea.  i am also short  5' 5''  all my clubs i am chocked up pretty high.    You guys think its worth tuning? 
whats going on, im nick  i did a litle tourny and it was a blast 18 holes lots of beer and caios. bought my first set of clubs today and my wifes from dicks today, we cant wait to get to the range and do 9 holes next weekend.  i learned to keep my head down durring driving (with a 3.5 woods) haha  any tips would be greatfull, thanks
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