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The new MP4s kind of reminds of me the MP14s whcih were beautifully crafted musclebacks. The MP68s are sweet too. I still own my first set of Mizuno irons when I started playing golf 30 years ago, they are the Mizuno Pro MS801s; pure musclebacks. Great way to learn golf by using musclebacks then we will learn to hit it right and better.
Thank you Jamo.
I have read the specs and seen some videos on youtube and so far wonderful reviews. It's been a while since Mizuno has come out with a muscleback that will be a classic and the MP4 is it. I have a set of vintage Mp32s and MS801s and am currently using the MP62s. Simply love Mizuno irons and I will be keen to own a set of these MP4s when the prices comes down alittle. By the way, for the MP4s, Mizuno has shrunk the heads alittle from 8 iron to PW. This is to help us hit...
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