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I've heard of people using water to find the light point of a ball, marking it, and somehow aligning it that way to gain yardage.    
Ping G15 for forgiveness, Mizuno JPX 800 pro for distance, Ping i15 for control. You can't buy golf game but you can definitely buy the clubs that can help you get there.
I play during Xmas haha. I bet you play well with a natural and controlled swing as long as you stay in your shoes.
Dang you're a lucky feller. I got a Pro Platinum, a Fli hi, my Adidas, and IDK the other stuff.
Rice growing in the fairways ;)
I hate golf, but it's gonna pay my bills :)
Should I get one to replace my 2012 Titleist Lightweight that has no issues other than slow leg retracting? I can also get a hoofer for dirt cheap, but I don't like the pull out strap.. I think I want the 4 series because it seems better for walking than my titleist as far as design.
I am also planning on a net and matt too in my basement for swing changes because I hate using the range, I never hit driver at range, and the balls hurt to use.
I work on hitting the 300 yard flag..
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