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I also purchased them from the shop, Todd that owns prove it, is the only person allowed to touch my clubs
I paid full retail and got them installed at Prove It Golf in wethersfield, ct
I agree, the fitting instructions are clear.... The biggest thing i tell people with these shafts is.....clear your mind, its a different breed of gear......we are so used to tinkering with other shafts its hard to stop. Even the best shafts, depending on your swing need to be tipped, trimmed and cut the rightnway/length/method/or whatever your can think. Inventix has given us a product that when installed properly, takes a ton of guess work out of the install. Im not...
Just had a private message arguement with someone regarding these shafts......bottom line.....you dont tip them, never, ever tip these. They are a butt trim only.
I think this is the only bit of info online.....im glad i could help
Let me clarify...negative feedback that responded from my review, im surprised at......all around ive found any nunchuk user really has been really happy! i was not refering to pga show articles......those look great......people ive spoken to that just tried these things love em... Its weird people either love em and keep em, enjoy them and play them, or just come up with a reason to shoot down a new idea different from the rest.....and hate it cause a pro or friend...
I just saw the articles come out from the pga show.....im kinda surprised on the negative feedback so far...
The price point is around 75 bucks a shaft. Which for a premium graphite iron shaft is in the middle price point, Oban and matrix are over 100 I believe the shaft CAN work for anyone, but not everyone will like it. Many people find it only puts them in more fairways....a really good thing. Fairways provide more roll out....hence more distance. Does it fit anyone sure....does everyone like it no....kinda like Veggies...good for everyone but not everyone likes them
Sorry, little humor all the new adams stuff looks like taylormade gear......ugh
Looks like it might fit something made by tmag
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