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Can someone please post a review of these two irons?  I am looking to purchase one of these sets and need feedback from an owner of the clubs. I heard theyare not that different though I prefer the matte finish of the 712's. I can get them for under $800 right now brand new. 
Geaux Tigers!!! My LSU Tigers have one hell of a tough game this Saturday against a very tough Alabama team.  This game is built up to be an epic showdown!   I personally think the winning team will win by 7 - 10 points (guess which team i am picking, lol).
Thanks for all of your reply's.  I truly appreciate the help!!!
Does anyone have / know of a Microsoft Excel template which calculates your handicap?  I go to golf.com and must enter ALL of my rounds after every round I play to determine my handicap.  I wanted a free template which calculates it for me so I can save the information and edit it after each round.  Any help is greatly appreciated!
A good friend of mine recently bought the Callaway X Forged irons for $300. He is roughly a 13 handicap and hits these clubs very well. I am a 6.8 handicap and also really like these clubs. For your out of pocket expense I would say go for it! Very good irons!!!
... sorry, Titleist 910 D2, NOT D3.   D3 is more difficult to hit/control
I love my R11, however it does have a higher launch. I would strongly recommend the Titleist 910 D3...best looking plus amazing performance!
I would STRONGLY recommend "repairfixit" and "rollerball5301" on eBay.  Both are extremely well priced, fast shipping, and legit clubs (mostly TaylorMade products).  I purchased 3 clubs between the two within the last 10 days and absolutely love these guys!!!
I have played a round since purchasing the Taylormade Rescue 11 and....WOW!  I hit this club straigher and more consistent than any other club in my bag.  I was shocked at how easy it is to hit it.  Great club!!!
I agree with using a GPS/Skycaddie or an iPhone app.  Golfshot is a great app!  
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