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Before 16 I never had a "steady" job. I would do work for my Dad and relatives that needed an extra hand with yard work or construction(building decks, plumbing, destruction, pouring concrete, etc). My parents never wanted me to have a real job that might interfere with school by working nights, so I worked in their office after school. Mostly doing filing, answering phones, computer stuff, etc. In college, I waited tables at a 50's style Diner, but only for about 4...
Basketball(Go Spurs!), Hockey, Ping-Pong, Tennis, Dart Throwing, Foosball. Yeah, some of them are Bar Sports, I know.
Oh, I wasn't clear on that. $56 for 18 on weekends for non-members. With a Membership I think it's $20 for 18 on weekends and $12 during the week, but the $2400 a year I gotta spend on food at their overated restaurant is what kills me.
That sucks. I always make time for my autograph seekers. Psshhh! Tiger needs a reality check. By the way, I'm currently in Omaha, Nebraska on business and have passed by several nice courses. Wish I brought my sticks! Also entered a raffle at a forklift distirbutor that was giving away an Ogio Exo Bag and a Ping Putter, both had a Toyota emblem on them(bag and putter grip), but that's cool since I drive a Toyota. *fingers crossed*
I looked into a membership at the local CC here. $800 per year, still have to pay for green fees(at a discounted rate), and spend at least $200 per month on food/drinks at the Country Club bar and grill. But you get access to the tennis courts and swimming pool...not that I care for that stuff. It's about $33 for 18 during the week and $56 on weekends, but they have discounted days like Thursdays for $10 for 18($20 with a cart) and Saturdays after 5:00 p.m. it's the...
I have the opposite problem. I have a slight fade that occassionally turns into a nasty slice. Ewwww...
Tees, simple divot repair tool, an extra ball, and a Canadian Quarter.
My Tommy Armour 845u irons came from eBay. I don't have a single complaint about them. If they are counterfeit(which I doubt), they don't hit like counterfeit irons.
Mmmmmm...I had the privilige of sampling all of the fine Canadian Brews when I was in Nova Scotia on business. Keith's is excellent, but I had another one called Ricket's Red or something like that. I have a pretty strong tolerance, but 3 12 oz. drafts got me tipsy. Blue Moon is another good one. A sales rep for our company took me out for a nice night of 24 oz. Blue Moon drafts. And I wish I had your warning before that night. My favorite beers: Corona/Corona...
I have a Boston Terrier named Zoey. Stats: Gender: Female Age: 18 months Height: 16.21" (No I haven't really measured her height) Weight: A whopping 19 lbs. Race: Black AND White Speed: 1,000 MPH (Or it at least seems like it) Secret Weapon: Farts of Death Special Move: Flipping Out Shortest Chew Toy Life Span: 30 seconds (Truth) Longest Toy Life Span: 2 weeks Pics Here
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