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In regards to the short game. I don't care which "method" you employ; you are trying to control three basic elements: the carry distance, trajectory, and spin. I prefer to use a "window" system because they affect all of the three main elements immediately when you jump from window to window. As far as working to specifics in between windows and altering spin direction once it hits the green......thats another topic;)
Hey guys,   Thank you all for the kind words. For those of you that are close, I will see you soon.   Just wanted to add to the topic of wrist conditions. Some of you are getting to caught up in the club face's reaction to bowing(arching) vs. cupping(bending) both wrists. The clubface will be affected by these conditions, yes, and grip type. The two biggest things that wrist conditions control are the SWEETSPOT PATH and the loading/release of the golf...
Liam did a good job of describing what we are working on in his swing, but I am happy to answer questions more specifically. What are some things in Liam's motion that you might want to know about? What are some things about the swing/any part of the game you have questions about.....?   Shoot them over if you have them!
Hey guys,   Been on the road so it has been tricky to get in front of a computer.   Here we go:   1. It was unreal to see Liam on TV and watch his hard work pay off! We had been talking about the show and what it would be like if he got on there during our college days...........   2. I wasn't so much nervous as I was screaming at the television!   3. Yes, his putting and we are working out some sequencing issues so that he doesn't tip his upper body...
Thanks guys!
  refer to my drills at the end.
I'm thinking of a word..... what was it...........oh yea, ego.
Hello all,   Just wanted to inform everyone here in the trap that TJ Yeaton and I will be hosting AimPoint Level 1 classes at my facility at Ocean Breeze Golf and Country Club this winter season. Our first event is going to be on November 5th. More dates will be posted soon.   If you like more information, please email me at mabgolf@gmail.com.   Fairways and greens,   Mario
Good to know some people are so close! I teach a little further south in Boca at Ocean Breeze Golf and CC.
Hey guys,   Thank you all for the warm welcome!   I was urged to give a brief about myself from Eric and Mike, so here she goes: I am a Philadelphia native, recently moved down to Florida to work at the Don Law Golf Academy in Boca Raton after my college career at Methodist University in Fayetteville, NC. I had attended Methodist for my business degree with a concentration in PGA professional golf management. I had gotten my start in the teaching industry by Andy...
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